Monday, October 1, 2007

There is a Difference


I ran across this article and to me its highlights the contrast in the differences of two major movements in politics.

One the right, Christians do abandon the GOP, and non-christians as well, when the candidates aren't aligned with the cause.

On the left its all about the party.

It's highly unlikely, damn near never going to happen, that a or a "A Million Blogs for Peace" group is going to wake up and ever entertain the thought of not voting for a Democrat regardless of whether the candidate aligns with the cause.

Its not healthy. But that is the way it is, been that way for decades. They got KKK members, man-slaughter Senators, and assorted other seedy characters described as liberal and they are cherished by virtue of the 'd' next to their name.

Askthe senior Bush how quickly he was abandoned by the Right after he abandoned the Right.

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