Sunday, October 22, 2017

From a thread on healthcare:

I don't think it is possible to talk on any subject without erroneously inferring what the other side is thinking, based on limited information.

In many cases, i take the inference as gas lighting -- tell me how reality is based on opinion of what others must be thinking.

If just one gas light burned rightly, it still does not, in itself, justify the tact of the gop.

Fixing problems is an answer, repeal and replace, or repeal only, or undermine as a last resort are not answers.


Because social good might sound liberal, subjective, and immeasurable, but it is a reality with a gas light all its own.

Social good is what presumably drives myself, and everyone else with a political opinion.

Here is the kernal of truth, if the gop plan does not promote MORE social good than what they oppose, i.e the ACA, then they will be swept from power and the past model will return with vehemence, and all of todays efforts will be squandered.

My lighting suggest to me, that the gop hardly pays mind to long term consequences outside of the satisfaction of ending a program that in their gas light reveals only gloom.

Some people dont see the ACA as gloom, the answer to the ACA should include these people, but it doesnt seem like the gop cares.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I like to anchor these missives of mine with a news story, but as I sit down to write this, no one story focuses my thoughts, for I have many thoughts, but not a cohesive story to tell.

I have a nice beginnings of a patriotic polemic, basically my opinion of citizenship and what the heck it means any more, but I'd rather talk about the long march of Western Civilization that the white man endured which also came to define the rights which we only selectively cherish and honor, more or less depending, in practice, on birth. Which is exactly the opposite of the text book meaning. So how does the text book and reality differ, and is that important?

I also think about what I said 100 times already, and I'll say it 100 more before President Trump's term is over, that elections have consequences. Its basically a coping mechanism, along with not taking much too seriously even while realizing how consequential some of these issues really are.

I've also said, "there will be catastrophe, but as long as we survive its will be fine in the long run, looking at history." Only to be rebutted, "there wasn't always nuclear bombs, either." Good point.

The annual "War on Christmas" began in earnest on Friday the 13th, when President Trump boasted we will all say "Merry Christmas" again. I'm sure he means it, but its those damn freedoms Western Civilization has gotten us into only standing in his way at this point. Certainly not self restraint.

I push back on President Trump, not out of hate, but out of self interest. I'm a tax payer, and I could prove it. I've been scolded I don't do anything but complain and share "hit pieces." I certainly won't deny that, but maybe this is my true calling? More importantly, unless proven otherwise, I have to say I've given back more to government and my fellow citizens, than Trump, who has much to over come, including his punitive nature. By my reckoning, his on going expenses serving this country now, along with a lifetime of tax breaks, bankruptcies, and other financial obfuscation have cost us more than he is worth. Prove me wrong. Without his tax records, you can't.

Back to the war that matters, the one on Christmas, a great line I picked up recently: The paranoid mind is more coherent than reality.

Speaking of paranoia, am I the only one that finds this conspiracy paranoia after every fiasco a bore? Especially so considering, generally speaking, the same buffs haven't paid much mind to the Russian angle, which started early last year. Its a judgment call, but its as if every smart, professional, in the know voice surrounding Russia-gate has been discredited not so much without scrutiny, but without concern. Categorically dismissed with prejudice. But I'm to believe the non-christian liberals are winning some sort of duel over Christmas?

I think the point is, not everyone is christian, and "Happy Holidays" is no less a commercial endeavor for their money, as "Merry Christmas" is to get your money. I haven't found much commercialism in the bible, but I'd swear some would have me believe so.

From a thread:

My thought on wealth, in general.

Ill contribute these thoughts and perspectives.

I once was a Republican,  though never a loyal one, i thought was more conservative than the party.   But when the tea party gain notice i gained awareness of just how little i had in common anymore and i went independent, where i happily dwell to this day.

I once bought into this trickle down b.s.  but as my mind liberated itself from the tyranny of ignorance i burdened myself to read smart people,  not limiting myself to an echo chamber.

I found this book by an author i read way back in 1993.  This guy happened to be the budget director under reagan.

Long story cut short,  i agree with you John Cacurak, and so do a lot of people,  but your polemic falls short, way short,  of how wealth is distorting our society....but thats ok,  you mean well!

If someone does not agree with john, and by extension me,  they can read this book and get a fuller understanding of the economy around them and how they are getting screwed.

If they dont agree with us,  and they dont want to learn,  i dont have time....

The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America

Sunday, October 1, 2017

I think we all need to start talking about samuel chase and the precedent that was set.

As was said above, liberals haven't made him tweet...although his croonies seem to think i can only understand the english language if filtered.