Sunday, August 11, 2019

Introducing @babinsax23

I have a Twitter handle, @babinsax23, that I use primarily to add my cynicism to the conversations, and I know its not that high brow.   Thing is,  I'm essentially following the President, responding to him and the action around his tweets or his comments in real life.

I rationalize that as long as President Trump predominately lies and attacks people via his various platforms available to him, my cynicism is not meeting him in kind, but is aspiring toward a higher level of discourse.   Aspiring in the way that truth can be mistaken for a rebuke.    To speak candidly to power,  to let the Man know your displeasure, is a freedom I have today that would of been unimaginable during the glorious days of Athens and Rome; the romantic tea houses of Revolutionary France or America in the 18th century; or the evil concentration camps of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao and I intend to use it.

The gun crowds believe they have a God given right to their guns, I believe that hypertext transfer protocol gave me the freedom I didn't imagine 30 years ago.

Its a shame that the most powerful man in the world has chosen the same platforms I use, to demonstrate on a daily basis how little he is elevating the national and cultural conversation, as I am on an irregular basis.

As long as the President is intent on using his public platforms to add incivility on top of incivility in our lives,  I have the pleasure of reminding any acolyte who stumbles my way, that yes, I don't buy into this devolution and I'm more than willing to give you a piece of my mind....even if it stings.