Tuesday, October 8, 2013

on Guns

taken from a thread on Gun Control,
You know what the problem with guns is? People pulling the trigger. That's the long and the short of it. Personally I consider the violence and abuse, the horrors humans commit on each other is the problem. Government and well reasoned people have endeavored to correct a lot of bias and behaviors, like littering and equality, but somehow we all have been a marked failure in civilizing everyone who needs to be civilized. You'd think after all this time, and all we know, that we could somehow apply some sort of civic peer pressure to the lessor beings among us to grow up. I think that's the ultimate answer to the gun question--maturity. Something that is evidently hard to produce in people.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

on Government Shut Down

from a thread on the Federal Gov. Shut down:
its tough being against a government shut down. I empathize with the sentiment, but as the fed. government exist to reward or punish, the absence of government equates to a punishment for the people caught in its socialism embrace. And not that I like the socialist embrace myself, but to do this shut down ad hoc, after such a long lead in to this Obamacare hurts real people akin to a punishment. Sure it should be a lesson to NOT BE in that embrace in the first place, but the reality is such. Second, as the reality is everything is stable because the markets are stable, then they(those in the House of Representatives holding the shut down in place) should understand how seriously bad affairs could be if the house of cards comes down. Keeping the house of cards intact ought to be a very real concern too, IMO they are playing with a fire that shouldn't be played with--the economy.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tea Party, I Hardly Knew Ye

To the Tea Party, I Hardly Knew You.
I was hoping this time it was going to be different. No, I’m not talking about the fortieth vote to derail ObamaCare. I’m talking about the whole Tea Party movement. I really was. The Tea Party seemed a common sense concoction. Pressure the Republican Party to adhere to its principles. Or something like that.
Principles, ethics, whatever it takes. I won’t bring it up again, why waste time…
Anyways, what happened to the Tea Party? Some say a bunch of racists, others say the last hope of our civilization. Both sides are wrong, the Tea Party isn’t a bunch of racists, but they are also too late to save anything.
What could of been! But instead of pressuring the GOP to reform. They instead wanted to reform government, and we all know that isn’t going to happen.
They could of, anticipating the probable snafus, lodged their protest to ObamaCare in the first place, allowed it to quietly take place, and be the wise old souls who are ready to take on more moralistic crusades within government. Sorry.
Nope. Forty votes later, ObamaCare is here and we may be seeing the end of the Tea Party’s effectiveness. But then again, the Republicans need them to retain any image whatsoever of being class indifferent.
When there is so much going wrong, I gotta think they could of moved on a while ago and been in a much better position when something does eventually go wrong again.
Now, even the benefit of the doubt is gone. For me anyways.

RE: ObamaCare

RE: ObamaCare.
The people for it don't seem to acknowledge the tangible reasons why people are against it. For whatever reasons.
The people against it don't seem to recognize its been vetted by two elections and the Supreme Court. Among other courts and votes.
I don't think I can squarely place myself on either side, except to say after having survived everything so far, the adult thing would be to enact it.
I seriously doubt "most Americans" are going to sign up, I believe many are going to pay the fine. Then what? Does that skew the intended benefits, consequences, and results?
Don't know. We will find out though, after its been in place for a while, and I don't see anything changing that.
Obama doesn't have to negotiate. That phase is over. Like it or not.