Wednesday, October 2, 2013

RE: ObamaCare

RE: ObamaCare.
The people for it don't seem to acknowledge the tangible reasons why people are against it. For whatever reasons.
The people against it don't seem to recognize its been vetted by two elections and the Supreme Court. Among other courts and votes.
I don't think I can squarely place myself on either side, except to say after having survived everything so far, the adult thing would be to enact it.
I seriously doubt "most Americans" are going to sign up, I believe many are going to pay the fine. Then what? Does that skew the intended benefits, consequences, and results?
Don't know. We will find out though, after its been in place for a while, and I don't see anything changing that.
Obama doesn't have to negotiate. That phase is over. Like it or not.

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