Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Random Post Election Thoughts

Random thoughts I've had since the election.

Next time, if you want to save time and find out who won the election well before any network is airing it, pay attention to the talking heads from late afternoon on.  Sean Hannity goes on the air at three, and he was at first optimistic, then after he became privy to the exit polling data, he became desperate sounding.   Fox News, or Faux News as the liberals who never watch it, call it, was like a wake.  CNN was buoyant.  I started the day thinking a Romney win, but by six  it was dawning on me.

I've noticed this about Hannity years ago,  every four years I have a reason to listen to Hannity, and that is to determine, as soon as possible, how the night is going to go.

The talk about how the GOP needs to evaluate who they are is indeed relevant.  I dropped them like a bad habit, perhaps the only bad habit I ever dropped.  So no, Obama's win isn't shattering for me.  Long ago I realized my way of thinking isn't represented often in Presidential elections.  I'm O.K. with that,  not thrilled, but I'm O.K.

I had thoughts once, that coincided with a party, but not anymore.  I am a minority, I am the 3%.  Only I was hoping for at least 5%.

I was hoping for a Romney win, if only to enjoy the liberals complaining again.  They do it so well.  Realized that they blamed a hurricane on a President.  A hurricane!  When the conservatives tried to do that this year, it was like watching stand-ins on a Broadway hit.   One day maybe, but not that good right now.

Which brings me to the President.  One day maybe, but not that good right now.  But it may as well be him,  he's already there, and we've put difficult decisions off long enough.  Now with a second term, Obama is either going to accomplish something or not.  It's that simple.  Do something, or don't do something Mr. President.

It's going to be interesting.  It has to be, or you just aren't paying attention.  Serious problems confront us.  I wish him well.   

Congrats to Obama!

Congrats to President Obama.  By winning a second term you have created an opportunity for yourself to accomplish something that will span generations, again.  

Actions such as ObamaCare, are here to stay.  New ideas may find a place for the ages, while others may disappear altogether. 

As I said after every election, I hope you do well Mr. President.  Heck, that is an easy sentiment, every president- elect has promised the earth, sky, and sometimes the moon.

But can we all agree that it's in our best interest that things get better, and that that expectation should reign over party affiliation?

Everyone wants things to get better,  even those that don't vote.  Let's get some metrics together, so that in four years we all can be debating about something or some issues that are novel, or yet unseen.  Instead of repeating 2008 all over again.  

Did I say 2008, I meant 2012.  Sorry.

It would not only be a shame, but a strong indication that some ideas aren't just helping out, even though their intentions are paved in gold,  if we are giving a pass on some numbers, or blaming Bush still four years from now.  

Its not a metric, but can we not be blaming Bush, or lustily remembering how good the Clinton years were, when we have our next Presidential election?

Here's is a metric, unemployment.  It's about 8% right now.  Can we agree on a number where it would have to be, to validate Obama's policies?  

At least some scrutiny?

Listen, I know we won't have Obama to elect again, but honestly,  if its still at about 8%, and then some are still claiming we need to continue onward by electing the successor Democrat, they are out of their mind, not me.

Deficit.  I'm of the sort that believes zero deficit is about right.  Smaller than it is today would be a passable grade.  Little difference, one way or another, is a failure.  

Debt.  Another metric where zero sounds right to me.  But I'll face reality, if you do too.  We got to do something about this.  A big difference is needed, or I say failure.
Let's get together on some metrics.  People are posting and tweeting that we need to get together.  I agree.  But I don't believe in abandoning scrutiny.  

This year Obama won with horrible numbers by saying he needed more time.  O.K.  But we ought to be observant enough that in four years time, if the numbers are still horrible, we know the difference between talk and action.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Endorse....!

My kids usually bear the brunt of my long soliloquies.  Especially when they are sick, as she is now, or when they broach a subject in the first place, not actually in search of a long dialog.  They prefer the shoe be on the other foot, and fire questions at me unceasingly.

Addie says they are voting in her class for President, and she only has two choices.  Which of course is a racket in any sense of the term.  Its typically called a monopoly in business circles, or near monopoly, and Governments usually force a change in the situation.

I told her simply.  Write in the name Gary Johnson or Mickey Mouse.  I mean gheeze,  there ought to be a write in.  I can know longer wonder why we only have two main parties, its inoculated in people from an early age.    I wish they inoculate the "Do not litter" campaign again, not a two party system.

But I digress, as I did with her.

In her situation, I said,  Obama hasn't earn your vote.  He hasn't earned mine.    

I expect more, and that's just not a campaign slogan from Romney.  Its been what I think, that a President should live up to and behave in the highest of manners and standards. 

He's the ruler of the world, so to speak.  History.  This isn't the PTO presidency.

I'm not voting for Obama.  I expect better.  

But you all go ahead and vote the next president out of the two main parties,  I'm note particularly afraid of either one.  Romney or Obama.  I'd prefer Romney.  But I have no way of knowing if he'd turn out any better.  Because of that, my vote is for change.  

I don't think any one person now a days can do the job well enough for widespread acclaim.  Or in other words,  the job is too big, and the situation too screwed for any one person to be well accomplished.

Obama is the devil I know.  Literary speaking.  I mean no slander beyond the old adage.  I've read enough, by credible sources, that I don't believe Obama is driven by any damn America agenda.  He's a liberal.  That's bad enough, and destructive enough.

He's well-intentioned, but obviously in over his head.  

Romney isn't exactly the new embodiment of the most, well,  of , well, of whom ever is the worst conservative the liberals are afraid of.

Which is to say,  he and Obama aren't that much different.  But I prefer him.

But you all go elect him.  If he does well,  I got his back next time.  

That's all I can promise.

One lasting thought,  Romney thanked the crowd in front of him remarking that they all support him, even though he isn't promising a big check to any of them.

I like that kind of promise from a politician.  It seems more honest.  Its not a promise at all.