Sunday, July 28, 2019

"The Empire and the Five Kings" Bernard-Henri Levy

I hope this turns out like riding a bike,  always great once you get going.

I'm reading a book by an author new to me,  but not at all new in the world.  I have done a cursory dive into who the man is, but nothing deep.  Sue me if he is in actuality someone I don't want to be associated with,  not that that is valued anymore anyways -- running with the right crowd -- as it once were.  It would be great, again, if running with the highest crowd was virtuous still,  however it would probably not look good on T.V., or stir vindictiveness as a baseline activity, so it holds little value today.

I'm not above appreciating good looks or instigation,  I know that,  but I also think that it is lowly to be unable to justify yourself in a conversation.   There is a relationship in the market place of ideas that rewards bad ideas, even if the naive recipients can only repeat the chorus, due to the nature of advertising.    The eyeballs and ears are counted, not minds.

Therefore,   and although I'm not competing with the large audience programs,  I have a perverse urge to identify the clones and poke at their esteemed rhetoric.   If I'm going to write politics on an irregular basis,  what is more appropriate at the moment than to share a meme I've heard second hand, and denude it?

What would be more appropriate is to urge my reader to come back tomorrow and I'll do just that,  expose some silly conspiratorial meme of the Cult.  But until then check out "The Empire and the Five Kings" written by Bernard - Henri Levy.

It is a small production,  about 260 pages,  but not a word wasted.  It would help to know a lot of historical names,  but in reality the names dropped in this treatise will over whelm even the most well read,  so don't let that stop you in the beginning.

Levy just got me off the couch after a month or more of a sabbatical from writing.  I haven't been avoiding the issues though, I've been reaching higher.  It's time, that instead of running behind the lowly crowd urging reflection before they go down further, and thus taking me with them,  I avoid the debased and only speak of the highest values.