Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Productivity is the American Way

One of my favorite little sayings is that "I'm so productive Greenspan would be proud", or conversely, "Alan Greenspan wouldn't appreciate that." I think productive, productivity, and productiveness are all terms synonymous with the American Spirit. Not the definition of patriot or patriotism, but awfully close, perhaps even more relevant as to the true American identity.

One could be a patriot but not be entirely too productive, or vice versa. I think the American Spirit is a perception earned from years of commitment to a socially universal trait. Each nation earns its Spirit, some become not at all flattering. Think the Soviet Union or France.

I think a core element of the American Spirit is our productivity. We even measure our productivity, and by comparison to other countries its one of the last remaining areas of dominance Americans still enjoy in the global workforce. Innovation is another area we still dominate. Americans are productive and innovative. That is the measure of the American Spirit.

In fact, my biggest gripe of this Iraq War is the lack of progress, its productiveness. We are all upset about this. Sure there are a slew of truly peaceful people out there that were and continue to be against the war. But mostly the discontent comes not from fighting Saddam, but not securing the peace after the fight and that this war has dragged on in its current phase for close to 5 years. Too long. Too Unproductive.

Just about everyone approved of the war in the beginning, except for the hard core peaceful. Most Americans are upset at how un-American it has become.

However, there are the people who are saying that we shouldn't be there in the first place. These are people who are unproductive. That debate was settle a long time ago, and to just deviate briefly, its ironic how they support the people who voted for the war continuously. Without hesitation it seems. Read Kerry and Clinton.

Right, I always say to them. What's the use of debating with someone living in the past? The reality is its 2007, right?

Those people just bought into the hate machine. I'm not saying they aren't Patriotic, that they've lost the love of their country. I'm not saying that. They have lost the American Spirit. They let that spirit die and supplanted it with a virulent anti-Bush spirit.

With that being said, when today I heard President Bush categorize the Democrat resolution in congress to condemn Turkey for events almost a hundred years ago as unproductive I thought Alan Greenspan would approve.

When you find someone who disagrees with the President today, we don't have to smear them as unpatriotic. They've only lost the American Spirit.

This resolution can harm the progress in the war as Turkey has threatened to run military missions into Iraq, which they had been restraining from doing out of deference to the U.S. mission in Iraq.

I'm not here to convince anyone of the value of continuing the war, but I think its awfully important that elected representatives of the U.S. Government not do anything that would incite ours allies to abandon us.

This can lead to American deaths. Isn't that what the Peace movement is trying to prevent?

It just seems that not only is this resolution counter productive, but its also a hypocritical position to take from anyone who slandered Bush for alienating the world and killing American kids for no reason.

It shows terrible judgment. Consider that they can just de-fund the war and end it all. Instead they do what they condemned Bush for.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Pressure is On


While I'm ranting and raving about how liberals are not pressuring their heroes in congress, I've come across a few articles that belie my opinion.

One was anti-war activist camping out at the Pelosi's, another was in Fortune Magazine and dealt with the real change in the Party in regards to free trade(it seems that some have actually worked toward preventing free trade agreements rather than just complain and then turn a blind eye to acts like Clinton's signing of NAFTA way back when).

And now this article above.

Honestly, transgender issues are of no concern of mine, but apparently this is one issue where liberals are going to stand strong on!?!

In the mean time Congress is alienating our allies with more of their silly resolutions.

I was told Bush was ruining our standing in the world, but I don't recall any ambassadors being recalled because of his actions, unlike what the Democrats just caused with Turkey.

If you don't know what I'm referring to, this is where I don't provide a link just to show you that I too can control the information you receive.

In other words if you don't know what I'm talking about then your being fed what "they" only want you to hear, and stories about Democrats straining our international relations aren't for your digestion.

Funny also how despite Bush's attempts to piss everyone off in the world, both Germany and France voted for pro-American leaders this past couple of years. . . .

That isn't suppose to happen.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Candidate's Test


This links to a quiz that will match your preferences on certain issues to the candidates.

These are great.

Of course Hillary's positions are updated daily as her positions change that often.

She already dropped the child's saving bond idea.

Yet Another Capitulation


Another Capitulation.

I don't get tired of presenting these, I feel duty bound in some respect.

You see, I want something in America that hasn't happened in a while.

I want to see Democrats be held accountable.

I want them to do what they promised. To not behave in the way they criticized Bush and Republicans for.

I may be asking much, but really conservatives do it all the time.

I especially want a choice next election. Beyond the Republican candidate and my usual third party choice.

I don't want another Presidential candidate taken from the 'most electable' stack.

I want one with ideas and issues and a track record. Again, that may be asking for much from liberals today but it wasn't always that way.

If we start expecting more from them, then maybe they'll start delivering.

Don't you get tired of all the complaining about how 'things' are with no true efforts to change them despite promises to do so?

Monday, October 8, 2007

Questionable Judgment


What am I missing?

She disparages Bush and his administrations perceived shadiness, even gets the ball rolling in condemning a Bush blunder or back room dealing, and yet she hires Berger.

It's actions like this that I can't dismiss.

You can, your free to dismiss or buy into whatever you want.

My judgment is he's a crook, I'd be in jail if I did what he did.

Her judgment is questionable.

But she has a 'd' and the right last name preceding that 'd'.

That's all that matters.

Sunday, October 7, 2007



This was just an incredible abuse of power.

But not the way its conventionally viewed.

It was so much a story to keep controversy on the Bush Administration, to keep negative coverage going, just in case Bush couldn't bumble his way into any himself.

I had people emailing me about how criminal Karl Rove was! Like they knew all the facts.

What I took from it was the juxtaposition between the way the Bush Administration handled a Special Prosecutor and the way the Clinton Administration did.

Fitzgerald never had his reputation impugned, not once. But everyone knows how dastardly Ken Starr was. That speaks to the kind of person Bush is versus the type of person Clinton is. Even if it was lackey's who did it to Starr. Clinton didn't put a stop to it.

But this story kept voters who needed something, who wanted something, to hate in hate.

These people are so easily persuaded. That's a problem. If you're getting riled up to hatred from inner D.C. politics then your not clear minded. Further more, if your only mad at one side, all the time, then you're so far gone that you've become a cartoon.

I had people emailing me all the time, like I said, about how bad Rove was. Do I actually expect them to feel remorse today about how they slandered Rove? No. I don't even expect them to get this news. They get the first impressions and that is enough, to correct the news with facts is beyond their needs.

Its not important to get the news right for many people. Its important that their world view is preserved. Regardless of the reality.

Politicians love these people, love them for being easily swayed to serve the side that instigates ugly politics.

We are stuck with them. You gotta love them like children, they know no better, and want no better either.

They are the same people complaining about the same issue for years and years and years. They would never expect the side they don't hate to perform, they expect to be fed reasons to hate the other side.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007



Can we really be considered a free society if what these groups aspire to is regarded as unconstitutional?

What happened to the tenets of the Declaration of Independence? Are they invalid now? We have no rights to form a new government anymore?

But we go about the world imposing democracy when we won't honor it here?

Its one of those issues where the question arises within myself, why should I care if Vermont secedes? Or similarly, why should I care if two guys marry?

This country is all about talking freedom but when it comes down to brass tacks we are no worse than sheep.

Vote for the same bland politicians named Bush or Clinton, get riled up to vote because of a constitutional amendment that would ban something, voice anger and hatred at talk show hosts that rehash the news.

But there is still some life left in the old idea of liberty. Maybe the internet will nurture the spirit.

This next election will be an indicator I think. Can a Ron Paul get serious consideration? Who's the indie darling of the left? Kucinich?

Is liberalism dead?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

John McCain


Chinese water torture comes to mind.

Who's giving this guy money?

Send it my way instead, I'll do something productive with it.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Rush Limbaugh

I'm just glad that although this nation faces many severe issues, the leaders in Congress can find time to attack a radio talk show host.

This is why we kicked the GOP out and voted for the Democrats. To stand up for America.

It's about time.

Ironically, its harder to find out what he actually said than to find out what the Democratic Leaders say about him.

I wouldn't even of heard of this if it wasn't for Harry Reid. Thanks Mr. Reid for allowing Mr. Limbaugh to rehash all the unpatriotic words that you said.

Only in America.

I'm not linking to any sites on this story. I spent enough time on this silliness. But I'm on record as to where I stand on this crucial issue facing America, this most important topic that has demanded the attention of the Senate Leader, and that is down with free speech, unless its a liberal calling Bush the devil. Then that is o.k. and patriotic.

There is a Difference


I ran across this article and to me its highlights the contrast in the differences of two major movements in politics.

One the right, Christians do abandon the GOP, and non-christians as well, when the candidates aren't aligned with the cause.

On the left its all about the party.

It's highly unlikely, damn near never going to happen, that a or a "A Million Blogs for Peace" group is going to wake up and ever entertain the thought of not voting for a Democrat regardless of whether the candidate aligns with the cause.

Its not healthy. But that is the way it is, been that way for decades. They got KKK members, man-slaughter Senators, and assorted other seedy characters described as liberal and they are cherished by virtue of the 'd' next to their name.

Askthe senior Bush how quickly he was abandoned by the Right after he abandoned the Right.