Monday, October 1, 2007

Rush Limbaugh

I'm just glad that although this nation faces many severe issues, the leaders in Congress can find time to attack a radio talk show host.

This is why we kicked the GOP out and voted for the Democrats. To stand up for America.

It's about time.

Ironically, its harder to find out what he actually said than to find out what the Democratic Leaders say about him.

I wouldn't even of heard of this if it wasn't for Harry Reid. Thanks Mr. Reid for allowing Mr. Limbaugh to rehash all the unpatriotic words that you said.

Only in America.

I'm not linking to any sites on this story. I spent enough time on this silliness. But I'm on record as to where I stand on this crucial issue facing America, this most important topic that has demanded the attention of the Senate Leader, and that is down with free speech, unless its a liberal calling Bush the devil. Then that is o.k. and patriotic.

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