Wednesday, October 3, 2007



Can we really be considered a free society if what these groups aspire to is regarded as unconstitutional?

What happened to the tenets of the Declaration of Independence? Are they invalid now? We have no rights to form a new government anymore?

But we go about the world imposing democracy when we won't honor it here?

Its one of those issues where the question arises within myself, why should I care if Vermont secedes? Or similarly, why should I care if two guys marry?

This country is all about talking freedom but when it comes down to brass tacks we are no worse than sheep.

Vote for the same bland politicians named Bush or Clinton, get riled up to vote because of a constitutional amendment that would ban something, voice anger and hatred at talk show hosts that rehash the news.

But there is still some life left in the old idea of liberty. Maybe the internet will nurture the spirit.

This next election will be an indicator I think. Can a Ron Paul get serious consideration? Who's the indie darling of the left? Kucinich?

Is liberalism dead?

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