Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Productivity is the American Way

One of my favorite little sayings is that "I'm so productive Greenspan would be proud", or conversely, "Alan Greenspan wouldn't appreciate that." I think productive, productivity, and productiveness are all terms synonymous with the American Spirit. Not the definition of patriot or patriotism, but awfully close, perhaps even more relevant as to the true American identity.

One could be a patriot but not be entirely too productive, or vice versa. I think the American Spirit is a perception earned from years of commitment to a socially universal trait. Each nation earns its Spirit, some become not at all flattering. Think the Soviet Union or France.

I think a core element of the American Spirit is our productivity. We even measure our productivity, and by comparison to other countries its one of the last remaining areas of dominance Americans still enjoy in the global workforce. Innovation is another area we still dominate. Americans are productive and innovative. That is the measure of the American Spirit.

In fact, my biggest gripe of this Iraq War is the lack of progress, its productiveness. We are all upset about this. Sure there are a slew of truly peaceful people out there that were and continue to be against the war. But mostly the discontent comes not from fighting Saddam, but not securing the peace after the fight and that this war has dragged on in its current phase for close to 5 years. Too long. Too Unproductive.

Just about everyone approved of the war in the beginning, except for the hard core peaceful. Most Americans are upset at how un-American it has become.

However, there are the people who are saying that we shouldn't be there in the first place. These are people who are unproductive. That debate was settle a long time ago, and to just deviate briefly, its ironic how they support the people who voted for the war continuously. Without hesitation it seems. Read Kerry and Clinton.

Right, I always say to them. What's the use of debating with someone living in the past? The reality is its 2007, right?

Those people just bought into the hate machine. I'm not saying they aren't Patriotic, that they've lost the love of their country. I'm not saying that. They have lost the American Spirit. They let that spirit die and supplanted it with a virulent anti-Bush spirit.

With that being said, when today I heard President Bush categorize the Democrat resolution in congress to condemn Turkey for events almost a hundred years ago as unproductive I thought Alan Greenspan would approve.

When you find someone who disagrees with the President today, we don't have to smear them as unpatriotic. They've only lost the American Spirit.

This resolution can harm the progress in the war as Turkey has threatened to run military missions into Iraq, which they had been restraining from doing out of deference to the U.S. mission in Iraq.

I'm not here to convince anyone of the value of continuing the war, but I think its awfully important that elected representatives of the U.S. Government not do anything that would incite ours allies to abandon us.

This can lead to American deaths. Isn't that what the Peace movement is trying to prevent?

It just seems that not only is this resolution counter productive, but its also a hypocritical position to take from anyone who slandered Bush for alienating the world and killing American kids for no reason.

It shows terrible judgment. Consider that they can just de-fund the war and end it all. Instead they do what they condemned Bush for.


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