Thursday, June 29, 2017

In mid may of this year, Trump passed along secrets to the Russian Ambassador...and it was explained away.

If it passes that Trump offers anything remotely construed as a give away to Putin then I'll certainly know what to think, but I'd would still expect excuses from some corners.

...and this flap about trumps comments on twitter this morning regarding morning joe and mika....he's done it before you all!

But McCain spoke up, saying it was beneath the office of President.  Could this be some start to reigning in Trump?  Are the Congressmen finally paying mind to more, shaw we say patriotic matters?

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Recently I finished the book by David Horowitz, "Big Agenda, President Trump's Plan to Save America."

The best thing about the experience is that I borrowed the book from the library, and so I didn't waste a dime.  If that sounds harsh, go and find the book, experience it, and tell me what you think.

Here is what I think,

I think this book is an insulting, paranoid, and infantile( a term I am intent on using more, when it fits, and politeness be damned) rant on what Horowitz would want us all to believe about what liberals think, and nothing at all to do with a Trump agenda.

What this book hasn't done is educate me one iota about what a Trump agenda is all about.   I am being very specific in what I am writing here,  what is a Trump agenda all about?

Rarely has a politician gained so much, on so little of an agenda.  All the while, every Trumper has one's own unique expectations of this administration.  It's only after the fact,  that  any expectation is exactly fulfilled.  In other words,  for every supporter of the president, there is a unique agenda projected onto the man, but its only after this impulsive President does anything, that a universal item on all those agendas becomes real.

But this book, "Big Agenda"  also is representing a commonality among Trump's people --  a view of the world predicated on a liberal conspiracy.

That's not a rash assumption on my part.  I challenge anyone to find me a well written defense of the any action on Trump's part that isn't framed in terms of how a liberal failure or conspiracy is what has caused harm to our country and must be righted,  and that Trump's action in this regards is right, long over due, and obviously for the guiltless victim of the liberal agenda. 

I'm not covering new ground here.  But my parting thought would be a suggestion.   My suggestion to any of the paranoid crowd,  whom I would consider anyone who buys into a liberal conspiracy affecting all issues, and especially anyone who found this book appealing, is to just take one opportunity to seek out the views of the side you oppose. 

"The Big Agenda" covers everything,  but its not going to gain you smarts, and its the same silly paranoia I read about in 1992.  The wonder is, will it be the same silly paranoia 25 years from now?