Sunday, March 8, 2020

Freakonomics and Socialsim

The other side of a coin. Which coin? A generalize coin that had the heads represented by yesterday's podcast.

Today's is more or less about socialism, and global comparisons.

Naturally, I'm not going to share a podcast that is predictable and cliche, but I will always try to share a podcast that is worth the while.

Conversations between informed people is how democracies work, getting the "i don't know" from people with strong opinions is, frankly, aggravating and altogether too common anymore.

I got off facebook and found real life to be worse for informed political discussions. I"m back on Facebook, to talk with only informed people. I will be making a point about it, if cliches are what I'm attracting.

I put this effort in to be a better informed voter, the ole definition of Patriotism contains space for a lot of crowds who believe in their country. Winning an election doesn't validate patriotism, is merely a reflection of the electorate.

Patriotism's deeper meaning is love of country coupled with larger than common concern for who we place in power, and the efforts we put into that decision.

"I don't know" is not a Patriot's defense to a challenge of one's own strong opinion.

If everyone has "I don't know" standing behind their immutable perspectives, this isn't a country of Patriots. Its a nation of common people who aren't putting much more effort in an election than just making sure their schedule is cleared for that day's political sermon.

That's a lot of time squandered to arrive at the same place the guy at the bar is...."I don't know."

That's the hot tip for the day, don't have strong opinions that are built on a foundation that ultimately is really just ignorance.

There is a euphemism for that too....

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Sam Harris and Capitalism

Sam Harris Podcast.

Harris is a great slow talker. Which is not to say he talks a slow that will drive you nuts.

As well as he is virtually unflappable. He is a neuroscientist, this is not a podcast centered around a political personality.

People who like to choose their words precisely would enjoy listening to him.

Smart guest.

To generalize this episode to its detriment, it's about capitalism, capitalist, and just our times.

A very calm conversation, quite a contrast to cable.