Sunday, May 4, 2008

They're All Liars

I had an exchange with 2 acquaintances of mine on the topic the Democrat Primaries.

One voted for Obama, he was in the Clinton camp from way back though, and has a bet with me that Hillary will be the next president. We made this bet a year ago.

Another guy says he voted for Hillary, and when I said that she lies too easily, he laid the old saw that 'they are all liars.' Meaning, of course, all politicians are liars.

One of those classics. . .

. . . and that is why we get lying politicians.

What's the point in expecting anything better in the people who get elected, if we are knowingly voting for acknowledged liars in the first place?

Is it that hard to not vote for someone who's got caught lying? Hillary or any other.

Or how about the stimulus rebate checks.

I know one fella who was wisely informed that we are just borrowing this money from the Chinese, and then will have to pay it back with interest. I pointed out that 1.) We are going to buy a lot of Chinese goods with this stimulus money, so they are making out even better, and 2.) in response to opinion polls that favor this rebate I ask if this is good now, why was it so bad back in 2001 when it was Bush and the GOP congress that passed the tax rebates over then Democrat opposition.

Its actually a worse idea now because back then we had the money, it wasn't borrowed from the Chinese, today it will be.

At this point he lost interest in the topic.

What has happened since 2001 that convinced the Democrats to silence their criticism of, and then vote for the rebate legislation today? ahem.

Well, that brought silence because the whole idea is Bush's, of course, and the criticism was meant to bash Bush in 2001, not Bush & the Democrat Party today. The past criticism should not be expected to hold water against the party of their enduring loyalty.

So often times it happens that only a bit of factual data links a bash to a Bush. Hey, I'm not defending Bush, I'm asking why stop looking for truth.

Why take just a little bit of an issue and assign blame, why not get the whole picture. Or as much as possible as is reasonable.

But, alas, too often, when it looks like the truth may be a little messier, all interest erodes for sounding informed.