Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Those Moralists!

The inspiration for this ramble has come from a confluence of suggestions, snoops, and serendipity, but more persistently by the unceasing need to characterize the tribal conflict between the Right and the Left in this country as between moral and immoral political priorities by the leading voices on the Right.

It just never ends,  and I am not reluctant to scrutinize it.

One of my comments recently was, "wasn't it just a few short years ago that the Evangelicals were counselling us that the trans in the girls bathroom issue was going to be judged harshly by our maker?"  That we would be judged as a society if we allowed the immoral and indecent proposal of letting men use the girls room!

They may of peaked too soon,  the Evangelicals,  'cause I ain't hearing much about the all mighty's wrath of judgement on us as a whole, even though surely there is something immoral about human sex trafficking in Florida,  regardless of the neighborhood of billionaires nearby.  Or is it precisely the billionaire living nearby who makes it all indulgent, but blessed?

But I actually have more insidious observations to make today.

Recently I was asked to listen to the Albert Mohler podcast, "The Briefing" a Christian view on daily events.  I'm in the process of listening, but so far he has faithfully avoided any criticism of Donald Trump over the times I've tuned in....

I was creeping on Facebook, trying to understand a little better and I came across a fabulous short video by Dennis Prager.   If you are unaware of Mr. Prager,  he has material on YouTube, as well as Facebook.  He is a voice of some repute on the conservative side, or I have him confused with someone else.

The video I initially watched had much to do with comparing the two side of politics in America (in other political systems throughout the world there are many sides to their politics, which is a significant obstacle in defining politics as an either or game in those places) as one where the Right is moral and the Left is immoral.

Lets not minimize the last paragraph, the oft repeated mantra of the Right, that the Left is immoral and the Right is moral.  Its everywhere at all times --  when in the Right hemisphere of ideas.  Whether or not the reality is such, is far from being proven.

In fact,  I was also told a few short years ago, that Donald Trump was the lessor of two evils in choosing between he and Hillary Clinton.   That alone is another flaw of the argument the Right has at its core -- that they are the moral choice.

Incidentally, with the selection of evil, a compromised morality in deed, wouldn't it be wise to scrutinize the evil a tad harsher, if not closer?  What with the benefit of the doubt already squandered,  no one is called evil unless there is no doubt, right?   It would follow to keep an eye on the evil one yo'all!

(Which is what I'm doing, btw.  Keeping an eye on the evil one.  Not my description of Trump, but nevertheless)

Its seems Mr. Prager has a blind spot for Mr. Trump's moral failings as well, but to be fair, I haven't listened to everything he has ever said, but he avoids much, and I get the impression a lot of people on the Right, who hammer home the ideal that they have the moral arguments, are letting a lot of the immoral failings of Donald Trump slide.

One the other hand,  it is a very impressive hook that the Right has.  Considering their argument that they are the moral answer to the immoral left's intolerable changes to culture,  they have no other proof to offer.  They are moral,  you (if you are a liberal) are not.  It wouldn't even matter what you (if you are a liberal) have to say about it, you (if your are a liberal) are an immoral leftist and thus can not be trusted. 

One solution, I've come to understand, is changing Parties, i.e. from Democrat to Republican, and run for President.  Doing that cleans the slate.

I just wish they, the evangelicals and voices on the moral Right, who really have a great shtick going, would scrutinize that lessor evil like they did the girls bathroom issue.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

A Short Pro Life Message

If there is an original thought out there, I could use it right about now.

(Just in response to the latest abortion headlines)

I'm as against abortion as any male can reasonably be, but these zealots who think they are pro life simply because of their stance on abortion alone are just in a horrible place.

I'm not too timid to write that if they think the Christian God finds favor in the American Conservative/Trump/Evangelical/Right due its ant-abortion stance alone, then I got the wrong impression of what Christianity is all about in the first place, and what it means to be "pro-life."

I read the bible twice, and took serious deep dives into the whole ensemble, including the writings of Christian scholars throughout the 2000 years of the movement, and while I understand the argument against abortion, it's the other stances of the anti-abortion crowd that aren't doing anyone a christian favor, in that they devalue human life. I'm talking about the anti poverty, or should I say the disdain for the impoverished tact theirs. The disregard for the down trodden.

Literally I could spend a whole lot of time on this, I could in intelligent conversation discuss my opinion(s), but suffice to say I "woke" on this issue a long time ago, and consider the entire self proclaimed "pro-life" crowd as tragically compromised.

A lot of well intended people are triggered on a regularly basis into shitting on a lot of needy people at the back door, because at the front door is an unborn child that needs a hero.

There is no price too high to protect the unborn, but any cost for the needy, and the needy themselves, is always too much? There is something contradictory and undercutting in holding those two dispositions simultaneously.