Sunday, March 3, 2019

A Short Pro Life Message

If there is an original thought out there, I could use it right about now.

(Just in response to the latest abortion headlines)

I'm as against abortion as any male can reasonably be, but these zealots who think they are pro life simply because of their stance on abortion alone are just in a horrible place.

I'm not too timid to write that if they think the Christian God finds favor in the American Conservative/Trump/Evangelical/Right due its ant-abortion stance alone, then I got the wrong impression of what Christianity is all about in the first place, and what it means to be "pro-life."

I read the bible twice, and took serious deep dives into the whole ensemble, including the writings of Christian scholars throughout the 2000 years of the movement, and while I understand the argument against abortion, it's the other stances of the anti-abortion crowd that aren't doing anyone a christian favor, in that they devalue human life. I'm talking about the anti poverty, or should I say the disdain for the impoverished tact theirs. The disregard for the down trodden.

Literally I could spend a whole lot of time on this, I could in intelligent conversation discuss my opinion(s), but suffice to say I "woke" on this issue a long time ago, and consider the entire self proclaimed "pro-life" crowd as tragically compromised.

A lot of well intended people are triggered on a regularly basis into shitting on a lot of needy people at the back door, because at the front door is an unborn child that needs a hero.

There is no price too high to protect the unborn, but any cost for the needy, and the needy themselves, is always too much? There is something contradictory and undercutting in holding those two dispositions simultaneously.

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