Sunday, September 30, 2007

Its Obama

I like what Obama says when he confronts Camp Clinton. I think he's right. Hillary says what she needs to say and flirts around the edges of issues.

I don't know much about Obama, he seems progressive and a doer before a talker. Obviously there is something amiss if he is a Democrat, but what you gonna do?

Though its his talk that suggest that he'd be a courageous choice for president from the left side.

However, at present they think Hillary is most electable. . . odd they don't consider that around half the voters wouldn't consider her at all.

Issues aren't important. Just ask those who have the Hillary '08 and the Million Blogs for Peace icons on their blogs.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Newest Resolution!


What's to make of this? A Senate Resolution urging the branding of "terrorist" upon the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps!

That isn't a step on the pathway to peace? Or is it?

What I took away from this is the Resolution put up by Joe Biden. Here's a guy running for President and he isn't waiting. His stance is to partition Iraq. OK. His Resolution urges such. Great.

I always wonder that about politicians. If they got such a great idea to justify their re-election, or promotion, then why wait? Like him or not, he's must really believe in what he says if he is already acting upon his words.

Anyways. Its another hollow resolution. Those Democrats. . .So resolute.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Incredible Idea


While this idea isn't novel, its still great.

Third party candidates have suggested this type of bond for years, and I've always liked it. I'm not about to change my mind now.

What's great about this now is that if someone with a 'd' next to their name has finally embraced the concept, then so many millions of Americans are going to buy into it without a thought.

Hell, they're bound to give Hillary so much love for championing the little guys with these bonds that I'm going to get sick all over again, like when I see the peaceniks with the Hillary '08 bumper stickers.

What is bad about the idea is that I already had my kids, within the last six years. But unlike the folks who don't like tax cuts if a Republican suggest them, I still support this plan, even though my kids miss out and a Democrat is on it first this year.

Of course, I heard promises from her and others like her in office before. . . .

She is a Senator, get it going on now Hillary. Why wait till your President?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

There is no debate about it. . .


As time goes by, its becoming increasingly obvious that the rhetoric of the last 6 years was only that. Talk.

No serious candidate for President on the Democratic side is going to end the War in Iraq.

Don't take my word for it. Take theirs.

Now the question is what are voters going to do? Go with a Democrat who has been less than honest about this issue, go with an evil Republican, or couragously vote third party and dishonor generations of democrat-lever ancestors.

It's probably going to come down to who in their judgment is the most electable. Issue don't matter on the left.

That's history, not my opinion. My opinion is that their judgment is horrible. Doesn't make them bad people, just not helpful when its time to pressure politicians to get things done.

Elections are great, it reinforces my disdain for the two party system.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hillary Does Appeal to Republicans!



I could consider voting for Hillary Clinton. There are just certain benefits to having her as President.

Like having positive stories in the paper for a change.

Also, if I like how things are, she'd be a safe vote.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Only the GOP watches Big Brother 8

I've caught most of the Big Brother 8 reality T.V. show this summer, and all kept through it all iI concluded that only Republicans watch this show and only Republicans vote in regards to America's player.

Gosh, every task that Eric was to do followed the quaintest of paths. Give a kiss to someone, ah Jessica. Give a childhood toy to someone, yep Jessica.

Anyways, its over now with two episodes to go.

Thanks America and the Evil Dick.

Evil Dick. Just typing that seems like a sinister act on my part.

But he beat the Republicans. Go figure.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mexican Truckers and the Teamsters

Just some thoughts on this much ado about the Mexican trucks that are about to imperil everyone on the Nation's highways.

To me, and I'm a Teamster Local 264, it seems like more of a symbolic issue than a real issue. It's an issue because Democrats have to repay the Teamsters for their support year in and year out.

Otherwise it doesn't seem like much of an issue. The column above cites that its probable that Mexican trucks are marginally safer than U.S. trucks! This is made mention because that is how the debate is framed most often -- Unsafe Mexican truckers & safety standards aren't on par with U.S.

If there is parity on safety, as mentioned in the USA Today story, then the real issue is how to give something to the teamsters as a quid pro quo.

I'm not ignorant of the job issue and herein lies another symbolic battle. This one is for my benefit.

If you go to the web site you'll be greeted by an array of flags on the bottom of the site from different countries in the world. While I realize that those flags are placed by the translation service, the Teamsters themselves are an international brotherhood.

If that is correct, as it is, and if they proudly print in their monthly magazine international union triumphs, as they do, then its a tad bit odd to see them fighting their international brethren.

Obviously, not all the truckers are Teamster coming up out of Mexico, but wouldn't the ones that are benefit from longer hauls?

But no, I don't buck the Teamsters position on this issue, they are suppose to be fighting for my selfish benefit. . . .

The rub I do have with the Teamsters is this, they only pay off one type of politician. This isn't good. They are susceptible to emotional arguments. Example given.

This NAFTA/trucker issue is 15 years old. The politicians they pay have no threat of losing the money they gladly take, so they have taken 15 years, so far, to really confront this issue. Lets settle this and put it to bed.

Let the Mexicans drive in, or not. Then lets move on.

The smart money in business pays off both sides and you never hear them gripe, one sided organizations always seem to gripe, and often get little in return from their investments.

Want more proof that the Teamster/Democrat relationship isn't healthy? Bill Clinton, Democrat, signed NAFTA. Yet he continued to receive the support of the Teamsters. As does his wife.

But, for my benefit, the Democrats and Teamsters have chosen to vilify Mr. Bush's NAFTA, never Mr. Clinton's, and for this I repay them with my vote?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Marvel at the thought of Change

Seen a Hillary 2008 Bumper Sticker today,

I marvel at the thought that someone has the thought that Hillary is the change we need.

She'll be good for controversy and the continuing of the polarization of America.

Yet she's the best they got on the Left!


What am I missing? What suspension of disbelief it must take to support her.

and piss poor judgement.

I hope she wins, obviously.