Friday, September 28, 2007

Incredible Idea


While this idea isn't novel, its still great.

Third party candidates have suggested this type of bond for years, and I've always liked it. I'm not about to change my mind now.

What's great about this now is that if someone with a 'd' next to their name has finally embraced the concept, then so many millions of Americans are going to buy into it without a thought.

Hell, they're bound to give Hillary so much love for championing the little guys with these bonds that I'm going to get sick all over again, like when I see the peaceniks with the Hillary '08 bumper stickers.

What is bad about the idea is that I already had my kids, within the last six years. But unlike the folks who don't like tax cuts if a Republican suggest them, I still support this plan, even though my kids miss out and a Democrat is on it first this year.

Of course, I heard promises from her and others like her in office before. . . .

She is a Senator, get it going on now Hillary. Why wait till your President?

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