Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A couple of themes I've been sharing with people lately.

One is how I'm so unimpressed with physically sculptured young men with nice clothing who buy their convenience store items with a welfare card.

And that I'm not surprised or disappointed so much with how our leaders act, its how we voters act that is sad to me.

For eight unceasing years I heard so many people complaining about 30 and 40 year old problems, but now they don't cry anymore! I presume that the fact a Democrat occupies the White House gives those malcontents solace enough to shut up?

Yea like that is helpful. If you can't get your own party to address your complaints, why for any reason would someone of the other party, again I presume who doesn't share you concerns, be the one to address them?

And they get angry because a Republican isn't addressing them! Get angry with the
Democrats who stoke the anger and discontent when they are out of office, while in office they do nothing.

Until the politicians receive more pressure and uproar from their own voters(which ever party that be)we aren't going to solve any problems. If a politician feels safe with his or her loyalist he or she is complacent. If the loyalist are as unhappy as the loyal opposition, then something will get done.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

"What do you think of this," asked my wife while showing me an email that points out that Mr. Obama does not use American flags nor the traditional red, white, and blue that past American Presidents have staged with at press conferences.

The email in facts contends that the current resident of the White House uses tradition Muslim colors in stead, and quite on purpose.

In my now typical indifference I answered that's his prerogative.

Its really not indifference, its cynicism.

I don't like it at all. Just like I don't like much of what he is doing, or not doing for that matter.

Especially the bowing to foreign leaders.

But in order to live in sane complacency, I've been viewing my government as the biggest horror/tragedy story of all time on the big screen.

Its a real frightening tale of corruption and ineptitude abetted by a grand facade of security and faux vision.

When your expectations are low, as the quality of our leaders mandate, it shouldn't be an enraging moment when the star of the show can't deliver the imagery and on-screen strength of a mighty empire.

I've heard politics are for bad and ugly actors.

Evidently so.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Whats all a do about the Mosque site in NYC?

Isn't freedom of religion a constitutional right in this country?

Don't act like a liberal and massage the argument to fit your bias.

Some one had a sign that read Muslims build Mosques where they conquer, yea and so did every other religion too.

Frankly, I'm not particularly fond of the idea myself, but it seems to be all paper worked and processed.

The government couldn't allow this to happen if it were wrong, right?