Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A couple of themes I've been sharing with people lately.

One is how I'm so unimpressed with physically sculptured young men with nice clothing who buy their convenience store items with a welfare card.

And that I'm not surprised or disappointed so much with how our leaders act, its how we voters act that is sad to me.

For eight unceasing years I heard so many people complaining about 30 and 40 year old problems, but now they don't cry anymore! I presume that the fact a Democrat occupies the White House gives those malcontents solace enough to shut up?

Yea like that is helpful. If you can't get your own party to address your complaints, why for any reason would someone of the other party, again I presume who doesn't share you concerns, be the one to address them?

And they get angry because a Republican isn't addressing them! Get angry with the
Democrats who stoke the anger and discontent when they are out of office, while in office they do nothing.

Until the politicians receive more pressure and uproar from their own voters(which ever party that be)we aren't going to solve any problems. If a politician feels safe with his or her loyalist he or she is complacent. If the loyalist are as unhappy as the loyal opposition, then something will get done.

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