Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I am a Christian Environmentalist

Today I'm exploring more into why, or rather how, I am at odds with many whom I shouldn't be. I am Christian environmentalist, American Catholic. Which for me there is no conflict, but evidently I am a rare bird, perhaps soon to be a victim of the coming Sixth Extinction.
Look that up, "Sixth Extinction," its scarier than "climate change" or "global warming."
Read this article I've linked to and explain to me how what Pope Francis is saying is so bad:
Some Americans continue to view the Pope through their red colored glasses, red being the symbolism for American Conservatism. And I don't get it.
One obvious characteristic of the American political psyche today is that if a Democrat says one thing, then a Republican must say the exact opposite. Vice versa of course, it cuts both ways. Never mind who cast the first stone, it is what it is. In all my years as a political animal, this is perhaps the one truth that is left standing.
This is generally speaking, "loyal opposition."
When I stare at the reality that is American Conservatives denying, and or otherwise at odds with environmental proclamations of doom or catastrophe I almost immediately think of what would our politics be like on this if Al Gore had never wrote his book "An Inconvenient Truth."
Before that book, Republicans, and conservatives for that matter were not at odds with environmentalism. At least not to the degree in which they are now. I don't wish to imply that Republicans want dirty water or air, that is a ridiculous, but the truth is where many see concern for environmental health, others see political conspiracy or a faith that it can't happened as prophesized.
That is ridiculous.
There is an over weighted influence of Baptist, or Protestant fundamentalism, in GOP circles that manifest itself in regards to science in a way that is not helpful. Opposition to certain aspects of environmentalism has religious undertones. The end result is inaction, and even worse, lack of global leadership.
Consider that America could profit handsomely, and the world would be a better place for it, if we(the U.S.) were united in promoting goods and services that were oriented toward a better environment.
In fact, much of the business community sees the opportunity, but our politicians, well some of them, do not.
The circle of influence in the GOP that retards this progress has an over weighted say in world events therefore. Think of it this way, a minority of Americans are at odds with science, which influences disproportionately the leadership of this country, which again disproportionately affects the role of this country in the world, and the fate of this planet.
We could be leading, but we are divided, because of a confluence of loyal opposition and religious overtones. Neither will prevent catastrophe.
What came first, the GOP at odds with science and environmentalism thus attracting biblical purists, or fundamental protestants and Baptists influencing the GOP?
Either way, its enough for me and I don't subscribe. I am a Christian Environmentalist.
And when did Catholics start becoming protestants in this country?
I am a Catholic American, and I'm not at odds with the Pope.
Below is a link to more worry and concern, from a scientist. Man is destroying our climate, and its not God's will. That is a truth I can believe.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

American Christianity

Just reading this recent story on Pope Francis got me to thinking how mixed up Catholics are today.
I am a Catholic.
It seems that, and this is just criticism from Catholics that I know, either Pope Francis is not adhering to the bible enough or he is too biblical.
Both at the same time!
If he is quoting scripture to direct Catholics to be more kind and generous to the poor, then he is a communist? To which I say, "when Pope Francis decides to run for the U.S. Presidency, I'll take this into consideration" or "do you realize he's not an American Politician?"
The distinction is worth pointing out for a third time. American Catholics, you do realize that Pope Francis is not necessarily to be judged and interpreted through the American political prism? He's sounds like a leftist perhaps because Catholic Christianity is the original bleeding heart liberal movement.
Now that aside, if he doesn't quote the Bible, or heaven forbid, actually speaks of controversial American political positions (i.e. homosexuality) in a manner that is conciliatory or inclusive, he is criticized for not sticking to the bible!
To which I'd point out that Catholics aren't Baptist.
No, we aren't. We aren't Protestant Fundamentalist either.
Somewhere along the way, very recently in fact, thinking within many Catholics began to reflect Baptist teachings, or Fundamentalism.
Evolution, Big Bang Theory, and a slew of other modern scientific advances have been held as contrary to biblical teaching by Catholics despite either Papal opinion that states there is no conflict with Catholic teachings, as is in the case of Evolution; or with Catholic fingerprints on the development of the idea, as with the Big Bang Theory, which was put forth by a Catholic priest.
Don't take my word for it. Look it up.
Here is a great book, published just in 2014, "Would You Baptize an Extraterrestrial?" That elaborates on science and the church.
Google Papal opinion on evolution.
Fact is Fundamentalism, as in strict interpretation of the Bible is a relatively modern development, almost entirely American, and not at all Catholic.
Look it up.