Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Flaw

There is a problem with Socialism.  As there are with every political philosophy.  If this were not so, then humanity would be blessed by an intrinsic and universal idea of the best form of governance, and would be practicing it by this point in time.  You would think.  But it hasn't happened.

It hasn't happened because all political philosophies have flaws.  Socialism is fashionable, and despite of its alleged dominance with the electorate today it still has flaws.

Even if the eloquent disciples of the left elaborate around those flaws.  They are still flaws if they ignore them altogether as well.

Without speaking on a subject matter that I don't know in its entirety, the liberal mind -- for I do not have one, I will limit my opinion on one flaw of the philosophy of modern liberalism.  Its sustainability.

How do you sustain socialism through the years as its practiced today?

This is of practical concern.  Socialism today is unsustainable.  Its an elephant in the room and of some concern, but not too serious concern.  Posit this, when the socialists acquired control of government in its entirety in 2008 the first accomplishment was universal health care, not a balanced budget, nor anything close to a sustainable budget.

Now talk is cheap,  actions have consequences.  This behavior is unsustainable.  Talk all you want.  I know, I KNOW-- its the Republicans standing in the way of tax increases that would lead to a balanced budget by some far distant time in the future.  I heard it all before.

Fact of the matter is, Health Care, not universally wanted, was universally enacted.  Balancing the budget was put off.

This practice of socialism in unsustainable.  Everything falls  and fails after that.

You can't bring better life to all, if you are damning future generations to pay for what you spend now.  How is that improving their lot?

We argue about gun rights.  A debate allowed by the freedom of owning a gun handed down from earlier Americans.  An American in 2050 may or may not have guns, but you can be darn sure that that American is going to have our debt to pay back.

That bluntly speaking is robbing our progeny of life.  There will be only so much time in a life to live.  Paying taxes takes time in form of labor.  You work more hours to pay those taxes, or you accept less for your labors because of taxes, that's a life wasted away directly as a result of the grand socialism in fashion from earlier times.

This a practical concern.  It will catch up to someone.  Debt.

Liberals are very smart, ask anyone of them, or visit their sites.  They won't be too modest to tell you how right they are and how wrong you are.

So I direct my liberal minded citizens to look up how Austria-Hungary fell.  Or why the British Empire isn't so much of an Empire anymore.

That can wait, the crib note is DEBT.

Without controlling our debt, socialism's grand and beautiful plans aren't sustainable.

Socialism then has a task.  Perhaps they don't want to face it, but again its a matter of practicality.  Modern Socialism has to address the flaw in its being.  It has to address Debt.

A socialist might not like it.  After all, its much wiser and more altruistic to talk about the wonderfulness of Universal Health care and ignore the debt future Americans face from this fashionable politics of today.

Its cleaner to talk about the environment.

Its safer to blame some one else, like the loyal opposition.  Or just Bush.

But in practice modern socialism is adding debt not lessening the burden, and the burden is already unsustainable.

Then again, and I admit I don't know the entirety of the liberal mind, they may have a plan already worked out.  They are that smart, just ask them.

Until I see that plan in action though, its all talk.  Along with all the dreams of how great Socialism is.

Name me one great socialist state anyways?  It would help in understanding this zealousness and righteousness in Socialism.