Sunday, September 30, 2007

Its Obama

I like what Obama says when he confronts Camp Clinton. I think he's right. Hillary says what she needs to say and flirts around the edges of issues.

I don't know much about Obama, he seems progressive and a doer before a talker. Obviously there is something amiss if he is a Democrat, but what you gonna do?

Though its his talk that suggest that he'd be a courageous choice for president from the left side.

However, at present they think Hillary is most electable. . . odd they don't consider that around half the voters wouldn't consider her at all.

Issues aren't important. Just ask those who have the Hillary '08 and the Million Blogs for Peace icons on their blogs.


  1. Issues are rarely important to the majority of voters. This is evidenced by the last election where Bush was put back into office, even though his failing war was reason enough to remove him.

    Cuts both ways.

  2. His failure(s) were trumped by a candidate who was even worse.

    Who got to that spot by virtue of being judge 'most electable' by the left.

    I'll never forget that, nor let the left forget it either.

    I'm working to mock that move often so as embarrass the left into making a more deliberate choice.

    For the benefit of us all.

    But my realism tempers my optimism.