Sunday, October 7, 2007



This was just an incredible abuse of power.

But not the way its conventionally viewed.

It was so much a story to keep controversy on the Bush Administration, to keep negative coverage going, just in case Bush couldn't bumble his way into any himself.

I had people emailing me about how criminal Karl Rove was! Like they knew all the facts.

What I took from it was the juxtaposition between the way the Bush Administration handled a Special Prosecutor and the way the Clinton Administration did.

Fitzgerald never had his reputation impugned, not once. But everyone knows how dastardly Ken Starr was. That speaks to the kind of person Bush is versus the type of person Clinton is. Even if it was lackey's who did it to Starr. Clinton didn't put a stop to it.

But this story kept voters who needed something, who wanted something, to hate in hate.

These people are so easily persuaded. That's a problem. If you're getting riled up to hatred from inner D.C. politics then your not clear minded. Further more, if your only mad at one side, all the time, then you're so far gone that you've become a cartoon.

I had people emailing me all the time, like I said, about how bad Rove was. Do I actually expect them to feel remorse today about how they slandered Rove? No. I don't even expect them to get this news. They get the first impressions and that is enough, to correct the news with facts is beyond their needs.

Its not important to get the news right for many people. Its important that their world view is preserved. Regardless of the reality.

Politicians love these people, love them for being easily swayed to serve the side that instigates ugly politics.

We are stuck with them. You gotta love them like children, they know no better, and want no better either.

They are the same people complaining about the same issue for years and years and years. They would never expect the side they don't hate to perform, they expect to be fed reasons to hate the other side.

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