Sunday, October 6, 2013

on Government Shut Down

from a thread on the Federal Gov. Shut down:
its tough being against a government shut down. I empathize with the sentiment, but as the fed. government exist to reward or punish, the absence of government equates to a punishment for the people caught in its socialism embrace. And not that I like the socialist embrace myself, but to do this shut down ad hoc, after such a long lead in to this Obamacare hurts real people akin to a punishment. Sure it should be a lesson to NOT BE in that embrace in the first place, but the reality is such. Second, as the reality is everything is stable because the markets are stable, then they(those in the House of Representatives holding the shut down in place) should understand how seriously bad affairs could be if the house of cards comes down. Keeping the house of cards intact ought to be a very real concern too, IMO they are playing with a fire that shouldn't be played with--the economy.

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