Wednesday, October 18, 2017

From a thread:

My thought on wealth, in general.

Ill contribute these thoughts and perspectives.

I once was a Republican,  though never a loyal one, i thought was more conservative than the party.   But when the tea party gain notice i gained awareness of just how little i had in common anymore and i went independent, where i happily dwell to this day.

I once bought into this trickle down b.s.  but as my mind liberated itself from the tyranny of ignorance i burdened myself to read smart people,  not limiting myself to an echo chamber.

I found this book by an author i read way back in 1993.  This guy happened to be the budget director under reagan.

Long story cut short,  i agree with you John Cacurak, and so do a lot of people,  but your polemic falls short, way short,  of how wealth is distorting our society....but thats ok,  you mean well!

If someone does not agree with john, and by extension me,  they can read this book and get a fuller understanding of the economy around them and how they are getting screwed.

If they dont agree with us,  and they dont want to learn,  i dont have time....

The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America

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