Sunday, October 22, 2017

From a thread on healthcare:

I don't think it is possible to talk on any subject without erroneously inferring what the other side is thinking, based on limited information.

In many cases, i take the inference as gas lighting -- tell me how reality is based on opinion of what others must be thinking.

If just one gas light burned rightly, it still does not, in itself, justify the tact of the gop.

Fixing problems is an answer, repeal and replace, or repeal only, or undermine as a last resort are not answers.


Because social good might sound liberal, subjective, and immeasurable, but it is a reality with a gas light all its own.

Social good is what presumably drives myself, and everyone else with a political opinion.

Here is the kernal of truth, if the gop plan does not promote MORE social good than what they oppose, i.e the ACA, then they will be swept from power and the past model will return with vehemence, and all of todays efforts will be squandered.

My lighting suggest to me, that the gop hardly pays mind to long term consequences outside of the satisfaction of ending a program that in their gas light reveals only gloom.

Some people dont see the ACA as gloom, the answer to the ACA should include these people, but it doesnt seem like the gop cares.

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