Thursday, December 21, 2017

Yesterday the Trump Tax Cut passed, finally.  I've provided a bland google search result page link,  it may be interesting to notice over time how the results  may change.  My query was "trump tax cut" and that is how I will say it in conversation.

Take a moment of reflection, this is historic and courageous.  No, outrageous.  That's a better term for what it is.

Before I beg for understanding of how much I am enjoying the Trump presidency,  I must declare that an ideology, i.e. liberal or conservative, has no role in interpretting simple accounting and  the modus operandi of budget edits over the recent past.

What I mean is the Trump Tax Cut is not revenue neutral, and that simple fact is a deviation of the recent workings of congress over the last few sessions.  It's the concept that any changes in the rates etc., have to produce the same revenue, or more, as before the changes took place.  Or find cuts on the spending side for the cuts in rates to pay for themselves.   Either way, it falls under being revenue neutral.

Both sides, ideology neutral as it were, agreed.  The intent was not to retreat on the deficit.

There is no liberalism here,  there is no conservatism here.   It is as simple as math can be when you are dealing with so many zeroes, changes to the budget have to be only positive, or neutral at worse.

Well, that's all out the window now.  Its not a hidden fact either!  But its awfully brazen.

Am I saying anything wrong here?

Well anyways,  while I'm reflecting and explaining, it may bear mentioning that I am really enjoying Trump's Presidency.  Certainly there are times when the man has really screwed things up, at least in my opinion, and I express my thoughts, but typically I'm  laughing all the way to 2020.

It may be a coping strategy,  but as I've said,  Gettysburg was so much worse than what Trump has put us through.

There are ways to remove a President from office, and if the people around him aren't that concerned,  then I'm not that concerned either,  believe me.

But I will watch him, and watch it all as closely as I ever watched national politics.  Don't hope for that to change.  Well, fact is power does corrupt and Donald wasn't an angel in his previous career.

I'm really being generous here, to simply say he wasn't an angel.  I know,  I've done the research.  Some haven't,  haven't a clue.

Power and corruption,  there's another one of those classic ideology neutral concepts.

Wasn't America great when that was one of our FIRST concerns about who to vote for in this country?

Who am kidding,  it probably wasn't ever much but lip service in history books, and today a real estate "mogul" just orchestrated his own tax cut.

The affront to the better nature of our angels only reaches its crescendo when the audacity of hiding one's own tax returns from scrutiny is accomplished as well! 

I can't imagine rationalizing this ignorance away, so I won't.

For this interpretation, I come off as hating the man.   I don't.  That's how Sean Hannity puts words in people's mouths,

I'll chat more later,  Happy Solstice everyone!

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