Saturday, April 7, 2007

Six Pack

"If there's an original thought out there, I could use one right about now."
- Bob Dylan
  • Prewar intelligence was wrong when it said that Iraq had WMD's and administration critics are certain of that validity. . . .Postwar intelligence says that Iraq had no ties to Al Quaida and administration critics are certain of that validity, how can they be so certain of what is right and what isn't?
  • If you listen to spin doctors, Democrats are alarmed about everything in this country except terrorism, while Republicans are alarmed about terrorism and nothing else. . .
  • According to Bush Bashers, W has done terrible harm to our international standing, as evidence of him not getting along with rogue nations and France, what do they think of Nancy Pelosi reaching out to the Syria's of the world while at the same time upsetting long time friend's like Israel?
  • Speaking of Pelosi, critics of Bush often say he has thrown the constitution out the window, what do they think of when Mrs. Pelosi has arguably violated the Logan Act and the Constitution when she conducted foreign policy in Syria?
  • If the science of Global Warming is not settled, why do proponents act as though it is, while the science of Free Trade has undoubtedly been settled a long time ago and opponents act as though it hasn't? Usually these are the same people!
  • When I read the profanity riddled post from some people on topics that are political, it makes me happy to know that I don't agree with them. Usually.

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