Monday, April 9, 2007

Follow Up to Don Imus's Troubles

If you were reading about the trouble following Don Imus with regards to his
racial slur, you may find value in this video clip of Imus on Rev. Al Sharpton's radio program. Sarcasm aside, the Rev. and his call in guests do well in explaining their position.

As this is posted, Imus has been suspended, so they may have proven their points to the right people.

I don't feel sorry for Imus, following his program over the years, he has
abused many people and sometimes those chickens come home to roost.

The winner out of all this may be George Bush because Imus was a constant
critic of the administration, his radio program is a powerful platform,
and his many guest usually presented a view that agreed with the host.
But since Bush is oblivious to his critics, it likely will amount to
nothing but a suspension for Imus.

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