Monday, April 23, 2007

If I were concerned about fascists, I'd watch this guy

Far be it for me to call anyone a fascist, especially here in the US where we have all these wonderful checks and balances to assure nothing gets done in DC. But if I were to place anyone one the watch list it would be Al Gore.

Hell, this guy not only has Hollywood friends, he owns a news station. He can control the movies and the news. Yet that seems not to stir much concern.

This is a guy who tried to have the votes counted in Florida until he won, and when he didn't he went to teach journalism. What better way to assure good press next time around? Seems to be working. . . .

He's got a cause, global warming. He's positioned his cause in a way that he proclaims its a moral cause, its dire, and anyone who opposes it is akin to evil, and that the matter is settled -- he's right!

We must fear the Republicans who want dirty water!

I dunno much for certain, who does? But if I were out there screaming about how Bush is a fascist, I'd also be concerned about this guy. Why wouldn't you?


  1. I've noticed too that the latest mantra by Al and his associates (first to Congress and then this past Saturday evening at the WH Press Dinner) is that man made carbon activity as the cause of global warming is "settled science".
    What a bunch of BS.
    Were you aware that the whole concept was started by Lady Thatcher who was trying to put her only significant opposition (the British coal miners union) out of business by providing millions of pounds of research grants to prove the theory (and other governments followed)...

  2. I wasn't aware of the Thatcher angle.

    Environmental concerns go back farther than that though, R. Buckminster Fuller was a big propononet of environmentally neutral industrialism.

    Al Gore is a complete distraction and is using this issue for his own good, and thus harming the cause even as his own stock rises.