Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Cell Phones, and other things.

  • Last September my family turned off our cell phones, and the world didn't end. I was paying $70 a month for what? To talk to my wife more often was about it. Now I love my wife, but as it turns out, there really isn't much to say that can't wait. . . .
  • Reflecting on recent presidential modus operandi it seems that there was virtually no criticism that Bill Clinton wouldn't respond to, while our current President responds to virtually nothing.
Its an interesting approach for a President to let his critics define his term in office, but that is what Bush has opted to do. It may be hard for the Bush Bashers to pause for a moment and consider the lessons to be learned from him, but not responding to every criticism does have some merit.

Not reacting may have tempered the emotions of the Republicans. Considering the raging angst of the Democrats, it can be appreciated that one side has kept its cool. What if Bush did send out his lackeys to attack his critics at every turn? We've seen that during the 90's and consequently both sides were in a bitter mood. Polls show that Republicans are happier than Democrats today. I blame Bush for that.

  • For years we've been told how big money is bad in politics, that it corrupts politicians. Well, that is a decided different bent on how the recent release of campaign contributions have been reported. The impression I've been getting now a days is that more money is good. I suppose this impression will hold until the general elections, then well see what happens when the GOP out gains the Democrats. . . .
  • Two games into the new baseball season and the Pittsburgh Pirates are 2-0, A-Rod is taking curtain calls in the Bronx, and the Brewers are favored to win the NL Central. Three signs that the end is near.
  • Can you explain why wrestling is so big in this country? Fake wrestling that is. Men in underwear, watched mostly by men. Lest you smirk, I bet you knew Wrestlemania was this past weekend.
  • Should I assume Nancy Pelosi's congress has solved all our domestic problems now that she has time to visit rogue nations abroad? She is still the Speaker of the House isn't she? Where or what in her job duties require her to go anywhere outside of the U.S. except for a vacation?
  • A friend of my wife was telling me how the Bush's stole Florida in 2000, and that the government should not pay the Electoral College because they are robbers. . . thankfully I can't be embarrassed that he and I agree on much in way of politics. We do agree that the original Batman movie is a work of art, though. The 2000 elections? Thats old news, get over it!

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