Monday, April 9, 2007

Don Imus on the Hot Seat

Don Imus on the Hot Seat

If you have missed any of the controversy surrounding radio legend Don Imus and his comments on the Rutger's women basketball team, the above link will take you there.

With Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, or in other words the usual crowd, calling for his resignation or termination, this may be the first time that I've witnessed liberal democrats turning on their own. Alright, for those who listen to Don Imus I know that he contends he is a registered Republican, but most days his comments place him far to the left of center on issues.

With this event transpiring, the turning on an otherwise solid voice of the left, the harping of the right-wing talking heads must take heed in saying there is a double standard anymore, that Democrats get a pass on everything, while Republicans have their feet held to the fire on the most mundane of circumstance's(although he is a register Republican).

Again, I listen to Imus, and I like him for his sarcastic comments and terrific guests, but there is no doubt that he stood with the Sharpton's and Jackson's for many years, and to see those two respond in this manner is really principled for them, at last. Yet we shall see if they hold to these principles when one of their pet politicians slip up, including Mrs. Bill Clinton who once joked about the ethnicity of gas station owners.

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