Friday, April 20, 2007

The Fascist Question Part 2

As I continue the dialog with myself concerning fascist,

This whole notion that G.W. Bush is a fascist doesn't pass the smell test in a number of ways. Harry Reid's comments are just the latest to undermine any arguments for this label. What kind of fascist, in the position that Bush is in, would not fight back his critics?

Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow to some kind of headline on the Drudge Report reporting on Bush's new found testiness, but I doubt it. So be it.

In any event, maybe most of the critics who use the 'fascist' terminology don't really understand what it means, and are just venting about issues they don't understand.

But I think they should know what the words mean that they use, still I think also that a heck of a lot of people actually think this man, Bush, is as bad a human being as Adolf Hitler or Benito Mussolini.

For those that do, may I ask, what filters do you use -, who informs you of what is going on in the world today? Just curious.

I'm just curious because I think that to believe that about someone, that he is a bad person along the lines of Hitler, really ought to be supported by proof that is conclusive, and that proof just doesn't exist.

But some people do even more than think, they write about it as fact for everyone to beware of. They hope we all will be as vigilant and observant as them.

We got to beware of the tools fascist use to control populations. . . .

I'd say the biggest concern we have is whether the fascist have taken over the words and images that are prevalent today. It is certain that one approach for the evil in this nation to subjugate us is by controlling our thoughts and feelings through the pictures and papers.

This creates a mood, a national spirit. If in power, all the imagery should be glorious. If aspiring to power, they'd want to present doom and gloom. Propagate pessimism. A real dictator wants to be loved, not hated. Feared maybe, but respected.

Any fascist would want to take over film and TV so that he or she could influence the types of movies and shows that people can watch. Its text book really, control the mass media. Bush has all kinds of ties to Hollywood? If not, who does and should we be concerned then?

The next step to totalitarian rule is to silence the critics. One way is simply do away with critics. Its tried and true, utilized by dictators throughout the ages.

I was doing a mental search of all the ex-cabinet members, Generals, or civil administrators who left the Administration, and gosh I think they are all still alive. Some even wrote books and appeared regularly on Imus(you can't be serious if you think Bush got rid of Imus).

Not even a Ron Brown type accident in a war zone, which there are many more zones to play this out in today.

Not one 'suicide', in a park no less, by a close associate of Mrs. Bush.

Not one death, unless I'm wrong, and if I am wrong what does that mean? People die all the time in administrations. But not in this fascist one? Go ahead and look it up, all kinds of peopled died during the Clinton years. John Tower died during the first Bush Administration.

I'd make sure, if I were a fascist with power, that all stories about me are positive. Damn near mythical, if I had my way. I would never let them see me make a mistake, misspeak, appear clumsy. And absolutely the last thing that I'd let happen is to be asked a tough question.

Another important imagery, would be to associate with the 'right' people, the 'in' crowd. Globetrotters. Movies Stars. Darlings of Wall Street. So be on watch for slick politicians who fit this bill. Remember the fascist are alive today in the good ole USA.

To assure allegiance we have got to be aware of a false cause. For Hitler it was the Jews destroying German society. For others it was capitalism, or a monotheist religion. For Bush its terrorist. Ah, they really do kill people like us don't they? So wouldn't it be legit to fight back?

OK, Bush has his gay battle, I'll concede that.

Now I retire to my book, Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. I really got increase my pledge of carbon offsets to compensate for all the electricity I'm consuming blogging.

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