Thursday, July 19, 2007

Much Ado About Nothing


Valerie Plame Lawsuit Thrown Out

About the only thing that got done in D.C. in 3 years.

While two fine men sit in a jail house because they shot two drug smuggling illegals.


Choose your read from a Google Search Results for this story.

Why can't these guys get a pardon?

So I ask the left, if you impeach Bush and Cheney will Pelosi free these men?

'cause I'd be cool with that.

What is really sad, a commentary on our press too, is that Valerie Blame has gotten more headlines and justice.

NO, what is really sad is that there is no real pressure on Bush to free these two men. I recollect one congressman speaking out and I'm sorry I don't have his name.

I guess they're all too busy running filibusters, or what they would have us believe are filibusters, all night long.

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