Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Its a joke of a label

In recent news,

Freshman Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota) compared President Bush to Adolf Hitler.

Its well understood that many on the left have a vicious hatred of Mr. Bush.

But it seems to me quite low class to just call someone a Hitler or a Nazi so easily, but they do it.

Maybe someday they will do some research and learn the truth about the differences between evil men and men who have tried some unpopular tactics and have in the course of events found themselves on the wrong side of the image makers.

A real fascist wouldn't allow Keith Ellison and his ilk the liberty to voice such vile comments, duh.


  1. Duh indeed. Your post links to Harlan Ellison, the sci-fi writer, not the politician.

  2. Keith Ellison isn't the only one who needs a thumping. The entire Democratic Party beginning with Harry Reid need a lesson in manners. It''s one thing to have disagreements, but the Democrats have taken it way too far with their vitriol.

  3. In your last post didn't you just infer that Clinton and Edwards were fascists because they supposedly tried to exclude some candidates from a debate? Do you even read what you write?

  4. I particularly like the notion of a "viscous" hatred, and applaud you for your disdain of leftist "viscousness," otherwise known to speakers of the English language as "viscosity."

    Darn sticky leftists!

  5. Sean,

    I merely pointed out an instance that I think should be considered when accessing whether our leaders carry the 'fascist' trait.

    I guess what I'm doing is watching the watchers for those who are watching only the republicans.

    Obviously, most people who throw the fascist word around are seeing nefarious deeds on only one side of the isle, and I think that is dangerous.

    I think we can all use a little help in life, and I want you to know that I'm watching those who are feeding angst on the left. . . because sometimes we all can miss the obvious.

  6. Anonymous,

    I did not include a link at all with this post, what you are seeing is an automated process that links and directs you to a sight or page that is related to the word or phase that has been selected.

    thanks for reading.

  7. dped,

    thanks for reading and pointing out the glaring errors of my writing.

    darn sticky "i" key. . . .

  8. Not to be picky but don't you mean "assessing" instead of "accessing"?