Friday, July 13, 2007

Isn't this Fascist?

I've written in the past about fascism, so I thought it my duty to inform you of possible fascist traits in the current presidential field.

Limiting speech, named in case it wasn't obvious to you, is a big warning sign of a fascist. If they want to stifle debate amongst their fellow party members, you'll never know what they do once they get power.


  1. You're of course refering to the recent GOP debate in Iowa that excluded cnadidate Ron Paul.

  2. I hope you are equally concerned about the Fascists that are in power now.

  3. The Fascists in the White House right now, that is. And you can't be serious if you think that presidential contenders discussing limiting the debate to serious candidates in any way resembles Fascism. If so, then you really don't understand Fascism at all. When people use such a powerful word so cavalierly, such as you just did here, you unfortunately lessen the impact of true evil.

  4. anonymous,

    Of course excluding Ron Paul would be fascist, don't you think? I wouldn't understand why tags and labels are only applicable to one party and not the other. . . .

    Dear Lilith,

    I'm equally concerned about Fascist in power now, keep me up to date please.

    As to the one in the White House, hmm, I'd say he's a fourth rate fascist who has a lot learn from his predecessor and some would be presidents.

    Of course I really don't understand fascism at all, I just like to throw the label around to give the impression I understand the horrors begat by Hitler and Mussolini.

    I trust you would never use the word in a cavalier way either.