Friday, July 20, 2007

I get it. Do you?

Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Peter Pace said the U.S. "can do whatever it is we want to do to have a dialogue about how to fight this enemy. But the bottom line is that as long as our enemy is sworn to destroy our way of life, we are going to be in a war."

I get it. Do you?


  1. I get it, but the Democrats in Congress don't seem to get it. It appears the Democrats today block passage of a law that protected citizens from law suits should they report suspicious behavior. Something is extremely wrong with this picture.

  2. If you truly get it, I hope you are in the process of enlisting in the military.

  3. Sean, The chickenhawk statement is garbage--it's an ad hominem attack that purposefully avoids the merits of the real issue.

    Say I support the arts. Must I paint? Say I support gay marriage. Must I marry a man? But if I support the military and their operations in this war, I must join the military or keep quiet. Silly. And shameful that such a thing passes as intelligent commentary nowadays.

  4. Your post said nothing about supporting the military. The post as I understand it was about Pace claiming there is an enemy who is sworn to destroy the American way of life. You claim to understand. If I truly felt the very survival of our way of life was in jeopardy I would have already gone out and rejoined the military.

    Even Bush claimed we are involved in the "decisive ideological struggle of the 21st century". He also claimed we were in,"the early hours of struggle between tyranny and freedom".

    Those statements are pretty clear cut. It's not an ad hominem attack, all I did was ask if you are going to join the military to defend your very way of life, which according to your post is in dire danger. I find it difficult to fathom if you truly believe there was an enemy sworn to destroy your way of life you would not put on a uniform in defense of everything you believe.

    I get it. Why don't you?

  5. Sean,

    For the record, Jerry left a reply to you.

    I, Bob, made the original post.

    However, I do agree with Jerry concerning your post.

    If you can't fathom why I'm home supporting my family, while volunteers and a multi-billion dollar defense budget is fighting this war, supported by my tax dollars, then that is a "you" problem. Sorry I can't help your thought processes.

    In any event, having said all that you said, do you get it?

    I'm just trying to fathom why there are some who are eager to hand an easy victory to our opponents who had decided a long time before the Iraq War that the defeat of the U.S. is a cause worth dying for. . . along time before Bush said what your quoted.

    Having brought Bush into this conversation, I wonder if you are one who allows your feelings toward that man to cloud your judgement about what would be the right course of action for our collective national security.

    I don't like all that Mr. Bush does, but I got to tell you I perceive his actions, out of the two in debate, as the more promising for my family and nation.

    While things aren't great over there, this battle with terrorist will wage, as I assume you agree, for a long time. Therefore, I'm not that eager to quit at the first sign of adversity.

    That's a hell of signal to send to our volunteers and theirs.

    Why volunteer then? Why fight back if the politicians are just going to undermine the war efforts.

    Please give me just one example of the liberals doing anything to help secure a win, and I'll give pause to consider the merits of their arguments for leaving Iraq today, until then I am left with the impression that they are suspiciously quick to quit.

  6. Wait, let me get this staight. You support the military by... paying your taxes. What, no yellow ribbon magnet on your car? You won't enlist because politicians might undermine your effort!?!?! Why didn't you enlist on 9/12? You're not eager to quit at the first sign of adversity? How can you quit when you haven't even started?

    You can't join the military because you are supporting your family! What a crock. There are plenty of people in the military with families. If the military pay isn't enough get a contract job. They make tons of money. There are plenty of ways to do your part. I spent two years with DHS. Most of that time away from my family. I believe in defending America from attack. Maybe you don't have the courage of your convictions, you certainly don't mind taking advantage of the liberties afforded to you by us volunteers.

    So a bunch of Saudi's, financed by another Saudi working out of Afghanistan attack the US and we respond by attacking Iraq. Makes a lot of sense to me. The invasion of Iraq was just wrong from day 1.

  7. Please Sean...crawl back beneath the rock from whence you came. Your hatred of George Bush clouds all reasonable thinking. Bush will be gone in a few years but the problem of Islamo-Fascism is here to stay. Whoever our next President is, let's hope they have the determination to protect us from the threat you so cavalierly dismiss.

  8. What an intelligent well thought out response. I will quote Jerry, "Silly. And shameful that such a thing passes as intelligent commentary nowadays." Anon. let me guess, you didn't run out to the recruiter on 9/12 either. Another member of the "Fighting Keyboard Brigade".

    Twenty years from now when my kids ask me what I did to defend America I will have concrete examples. I won't have to say, "I supported the military by paying taxes, putting a yellow ribbon magnet on my car and posting on a right wing blog".

  9. That's very funny Sean, wouldn't it be great if you call Bush a Nazi or Fascist too?

    You'd be a great addition to any fascist regime, your way or the highway.

    I'm not sure what you are angry about, but it does come off well.

    Keep up the good work, I support the war efforts toward victory just like you.

    Sorry I couldn't join the military like you, I'm sure you understand. If I see you around, I owe one big thank you.

    God Bless


    For the readers sake who are taking your words to heart, do you recommend one branch of service over the other or would any do just fine?

    I ask because I know of some right wingers who have joined the National Guard in the past, and that just wouldn't do for some people. Oddly, they can stomach a draft dodger, but not a National Guardsman.

  10. Way to go Bob. I know it's tough trying to logically explain things to people like Sean...but he appears to be a hard headed fool who cracks when presented with a credible opposing opinion. A typical left winger for sure.

  11. Aren't you the one who posted something about fascism being a joke of a label? Now your trying to label me a fascist!

    You claim you support the war efforts toward victory just like I do, yet I have done my part so apparently your support hasn't been just like mine.

    Don't apologize to me for your inability to man up and join up. Apologize to your children for not having the courage to stand up for their future. I can just hear it now, "Daddy, why did 19 year old Jessica Lynch go and fight terrorists and you didn't"?

  12. win hands down! You're a first class moron. Go bother someone else on some other blog maybe in Missouri. You've been irritating everyone from A to Z with your combative comments and all of your John Kerry "I'm a Vet" rhetoric. What's next, "I have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome?" Grow up and go start your own blog to vent your foolishness and leave the serious bloggers alone.

  13. Wow, so now your the spokesman for the whole blogosphere! Congratulations. How quickly the neocon message breaks down into name calling and personal attacks. Why should I start my own blog? The better question is why do so many people have a blog that allows for comments if they don't want discourse? One thing I am sure you could clarify for me, If I've served my country and I am a first class moron....what does that make you?

  14. Sean,

    I'm just not sure about you. Are you serious? Because from where I sit, you just seem to be doing one of two things.

    1.) Making a fool of yourself by adding commentary that makes sense perhaps somewhere else, but not as it pertains to my original blog.


    2.) Just trying to rile up some people.

    Maybe both.

    What ever makes you happy.

    By the way, I allow comments for a discourse, obviously.

    And would you deny that your doing your best to demean other's opinions and thoughts in order to shut them up and to see things your way?

    I perceive you doing that, and I think that would work well in some governments.

    If you don't like that perception, you make the change, I can't do that for you.

    Mr. Bush doesn't get mad when he's called a fascist. I don't either, I think its funny, and I'm trying to elevate conversation so people can understand who that label should be reserved for. . . .