Thursday, April 12, 2012

On To November

Well technically I still have a choice, but what choice do I really have?

Pennsylvania's primary is coming up, the field is three.  On paper, as they say.  But the empty feeling in my gut may be the working man's blues, or it may be that old time disenfranchised religion.

Romney isn't a bad choice after all.  Much better than McCain or Dole.  He may even be a better choice than Bush the Younger, but before I go that far let's see how he campaigns for the contest in November.  On paper, and in front of the podium, he is well represented and well spoken.  Not since the aforementioned Dole, has a GOP candidate been given so much fodder to run a campaign on.

I think my ultimate choice in November will come down to this.  If Romney runs like Dole I'll take a pass and go third party conservative.  If he is aggressive, like Bush downing McCain in the 2000 primary, I'll vote for him.

I think we'll see the latter.   Despite my protest of the treatment his Super PAC has given his opponents, inwardly I like it.  I'm not hoping for a candidate hell bent on taming the world but I am desirous of a GOP candidate that has the proverbial blood in his mouth.  Rabid to win, willing to be more aggressive than the sheepish Republican establishment.   Despite hammering the guys I liked in this primary season, the way he distanced himself from the PAC was marvelous, and was a Hopeful sign of Change from the typical softball campaign of his predecessors.

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