Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Where I've Been

It's been a while, and I'm alright with that.  It happens,  life is busy, I was busy.

I'll tell you a little of what I've been up to.

I know a man who is highly partisan, which is a trait that attracts me like a moth to light on a hot summer day, and I've been in correspondence with him though out the years.  Sometimes we exchange a large volume of emails, sometimes not so much.  In my absence of writing this blog, I've been venting on him.

It isn't fair really, and I'm not so proud of myself.  I loose control and at times really bombard him with opinions and stories that are contrary to his stated opinions and news stories he's shared with me through out the years.  I'm not sure why I do it, and for the umpteenth time I've sworn him off.  I'm not writing him anymore cause the stories and opinions I'd write him aren't really mine, and it just seems like not a nice thing to do, its not genuine.

Bob Dylan sang, and I've used it so many times, "If there is an original thought out there, I could use one right about now."  Frankly, he didn't actually sing it as much as he said it accompanied to music, but there again, I digress.

Why, you may be wondering, would a words smith like myself, a man capable of writing nonstop for hours without end, go through the efforts to email a partisan, someone unlikely to change his opinions, with material that isn't even mine?  What would be the point?

I know, I know!

Understand one thing, the material I was sending him wasn't mine, it was his.

I heard every conceivable and inconceivable thought and position out of this man during the eight years of the Bush Administration, and believe me a rationale mind wouldn't utter some of the rants I was inundated with, that I began to relish the bumbling, contradictory, and ruinous escapades of Barrack Obama and his ilk, just so I could  throw some mud back at my friend.

What was great about the tirade I've been up to, is that all I was doing was throwing his mud back at him.

I thought I could jar his mind loose, but I was wrong.

So I quit.


That's the problem with partisanship.  These parties will make you look like a fool if you let them.  The complaints about Bush are the same complaints about Obama.  Prove me wrong, and I'll prove me right.

I would love to have an honest debate about policy, but its usually never that elevated.  Its usually just silliness.

I'll leave with an impression today, not from my friend, but from current events.  Mitt Romney, whom I'm on record as not exactly an admirer of, is on the receiving end of that classic wedge tactic of class warfare.  "He  is so rich he is out of touch."

I'm sure my friend would echo that sentiment.  I'm sure of it because I don't think he's missed a negative story, anecdote, or opinion about the GOP in his life.

But to me its irrelevant.  His wealth.  On second thought its actually an indication of his success, which should be relevant.

At one point wealth was irrelevant to the critics of Romney too.  It wasn't that long ago that a very large percentage of them were voting for the fabulously wealthy John Kerry.  Wealth didn't make him out of touch, but it has for Romney?  How do they know?

That's what partisanship does for you.  It blinds you to how what you say or do today is contradictory to what you said or done yesterday.  Politicians love that.

I don't.

Now whats the big difference between Romney and Obama?  Personal wealth isn't the issue.  Unless to say Romney earned his one way and Obama another.

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