Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Time Is Now

Maybe it's time for a man like Newt.

Hear what I have to say.  Does anyone believe that any of these ideas coming out of the debates by the candidates is going to get enacted?  If you do, then I got a bridge for you in Brooklyn.

(That line reminds me, as it is an election year, of the campaign slogan for the 1996 re-election of Bill Clinton.  "A Bridge to the 21st Century."  A lot of people bought that bridge, and as I dislike to point out, the off ramp was, like the Brooklyn Bridge, at the southern point of Manhattan, only Clinton's bridge terminated at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.  Fitting as it is also, Newts latest troubles stem from that era as well.)

So its admitted, we all expect nothing out of these candidates.  A little around the edges, that's all I can reasonably expect.  Even from Newt.

But I'll say this, Newt is the only one that I'd expect to be confrontational.  I think Romney would placate sooner rather than later, and that Santurom would hold out just a bit longer.  I don't expect Newt to ever placate.

He never has.

Newt has done the improbable, winning the House in 1994.  He accomplished much in his time there, that gives me hope that he would change things.  All the sarcasm that a simplistic sentence like that is entitled to, please.

But seriously,  while I can see Mitt and Rick being beaten by the press and the party, I don't think Newt would  succombe to that.  Additionally, lets not forget for the least the type of characters that pass for Senators and Representatives these days.   I guarantee the first critics of Newt Gingrich will be the those Mensa's running Congress.  "How abrasive and uncompromising Newt is."

I would love to hear  Newt tell them to quit their belly aching.

I thought Perry would be a nice antagonist to congress, what with his sharp tongue on part time sessions.  I absolutely expect Newt to be an antagonist.

Its time for an asshole for President.

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