Wednesday, January 11, 2012


After the first primary, and the second event, with the third immeniently and projected much the same, is it too early to recognize the trend I already wrote about?  The conservatives are out polling the front runner. Too bad this is a race for plurality, not majority, and the majority is losing.  Like they always do.

I got so much to say that I may find this is no longer a hobby.

Do I go with the rant about the nominating process or the reasoning behind the voters choice, reached through exit polling?

I'll build upon the concept of a third party candidacy that I'm not really supporting but espousing.  I've been voting that way for years, I'll try to explain why.  But I'm not actually in that place yet this year, its still early, but they say history repeats itself, and this nomination process reminds of 2008 and every election year before that.

Before you tune out, consider what choice I'm being presented with.  Not certain, yet, but likely indeed.  The momentum makers, the voters in Iowa and New Hampshire, and particularly New Hampshire, cited as a top tier reason for voting for Mitt Romney his electability.

What? That's as ephemeral and manipulable a reason as I wound never ever want to see in regards to voting for a presidential candidate.

You think he looks good now?  Able to win, do you?  Just wait, that can suddenly change, as the news makers see fit.

But I'll give them this, being where we are in the process, Iowans and New Hampshirites are at least putting it out there first and early.  Moving forward, anyone with that reasoning is either intellectually daft or demonic.   Either way, I'd like to remove them from the voting lists.

I scornfully predict that this reasoning isn't going away though, and neither is this election process that over values the voices in two tiny states over the other mostly larger, but maybe not brighter, forty eight states.

Keep in mind that this process, these influences, these King makers, will deal from the deck and lay a hand on you and I that we are expected to play loyally in November.

It will happen by and large as they hope.  Some will have a red face, not of a royal flush, but from the anger, for it is preordained that those who don't call on electability, will fold to the manipulation that has proven successful for years, pissing off the electorate.

How do you think Obama got in there?  Rationally and empirically the Bush years weren't as bad as the Democrats were making them out to be, Obama's record is much worse.  Voters are more sedate now however, the loud and frequent gripes from the left aren't needed, yet.

Which brings me back to Romney not even winning the majority of his party, yet.

The conservative voices are not going to win the day, again, and while that part of being a splintered vote is their own damn fault, the fact that I'm not going to have a say at all is what riles me.  My chance to vote is in late April, it will be decided well before then, if not before February.

To think that people who put as much thought in it as the "electability" crowd will somehow inspire millions of clones to do just the same and decide this, and proudly admit as much is beyond my patient sensibilities.

I'm not done yet,  we have a debt that is in the tens of trillions, I hesitate to be specific here because by the time I click publish, the number I cited may rise, and will rise by some not insubstantial amount.  We have a nuclear Iran coming around the corner, and I've been reading the rhetoric for years -- its not good.  We have open borders and high unemployment.  We have as many problems as we do debt, seemingly.

If it weren't for the simple fact that we have a ridiculous election process that is manipulative and disenfranchising I'd have something other than sarcasm for our society.  As it is, how can I not be cynical while I'm expected to vote for the party in November, regardless.  How is it too, that I can not help but be cynical toward any rhetoric that we can fix the nations ills when we can't even get our elections right.

Maybe the conservatives are right in one regard, the fore fathers of ours were inspired, they made an elaborate system that presumably they understood, though I swear to you, I don't.

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