Friday, April 27, 2012

I Don't Get It

I was reading this piece posted in the Wall St. Journal by Kimberly Strassel identifying intimidation tactics used by the Obama Administration presumably to silence donors of Mitt Romney's campaign.

Of course I was alarmed, but frankly I'm so skeptical and jaded that 1.)  I don't doubt the allegations, nor am I surprised and 2.)  in my opinion, by and large anyone supporting Obama just doesn't get it.

I'm not talking the intellectual adage of 'getting it', the Aha! moment, the epiphany if you will.  I'm saying they just don't see the information.

I just don't think the vast majority of Americans supporting the Democrat in office are regularly shown the stories that could  effect changes in their loyalty.

How do you fight that?  I tried during the Clinton years.  People trust the party more than the shady allegations.

Let me flipped this now.  Another thing happened to me during the Clinton years, I bought into this notion that is being resurrected by fine Conservative thinkers that this election is the most important ever(of course) because if Obama wins he will roll back the 22nd Amendment.

(I'd like to know if very many Democrats were fed a similar line when Bush was running for re-election in 2004.  I expect it to be so, but my bias would prohibit me from listening long to something so silly, so I don't know with any certainty.)

I'm off the reservation on this one.  Obvious, right?  The 22nd Amendment is the one that term limits the Presidency.  Its also the one that has done the most damage to our fine institution of government, which I have written about often in the past.

The short version is that everyone just waits the President out.  Congressman from the other party?  No term limits.  Third world dictator?  No term limits.  Corrupt bureaucrat?  No term limits.

My answer to allegations that Obama wants to roll back the 22nd Amendment?  If he could do that, I'll vote for him.

But he can't do that.  Can he?

And if he could do that, why run the risk of loosing your re-election, why not just do it now?

If the point is that perhaps he could begin a campaign after his re-election to rally support for a new Amendment to nullify that 22nd Amendment, again, I'd vote for him.

While I think less of the average policy maker, bureaucrat, and Idealogue than I have in the past, I still think we could craft a suitable Amendment with some reigns on a particular over zealous occupant of the White House, i.e. exempting the occupant at the time of passage.  Meaning Obama's terms would conclude before the new law would come into effect.

One would hope.

But no,  I don't see that happening in anyway if Obama gets re-elected.

I read that Bill Clinton is against the 22nd Amendment too,  maybe there is some sort of cell forming here,  ten years from now we could have all these former presidents clamoring for the repeal  that would allow us privileged Americans to pick and choose amongst any number of former failed Presidents to have another crack at it.

I bet we get change then.

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