Thursday, September 8, 2011


I think I made some in roads in conversation the other day, we'll see.

It followed a little instigation by me, I must confess. I was testing the Teamster's thirst, has the taste changed to the new tea in the pot, or was it the Kool-Aid they've been drinking for years?

It was the same old high sugar, watered down product.

The article I found above, lends itself quite well to my argument, which was laid in response to the "stupid Tea Party" comments.

A couple things I feel very strong about, one is its statistically impossible to be against each and every. With each and every being objects with little constraints. If you're against each and every action that Obama takes, for example, I think that goes against the statistically probable. I mean, you got to like something. If only one thing.

The other thing I feel strong about is that we got a two party system that is detrimental to progress. One party is corrupt and the other usually inept.

The thing is, for some Teamsters, as it is for some of many groups, being against everything Republican, although statistically improbable, is naturally abundant.

Usually in conversation, I found that the admission "they all lie" is in response to a "gotcha" moment when their irregular disposition does not apply consistently across party lines.

i.e. Why hasn't Obama gotten us out of the wars you hated Bush for getting us into? They all lie.

In the present case, I ran with the idea that with this horrendous two party system we got, where they all lie, why in the world would anyone be against a group that has risen within this structure, whose greatest success would be reformation of what passes now for political honesty?

The Tea Party is it folks, the only movement today that boldly, daringly, and improbably succeeded against an Establishment political party.

Agree with them and you may find yourself on the right of side change in America, we may create a reality where the phrase "they all lie" is meant only to explain the actions of boys and girls.

Disagree with the Tea Party at you own discretion, but it'd be nice for all of us if you went off and created some sort of pressure on your side to clean up their act too.

I gotta tell you though, the Tea isn't bad at all, they are just asking for self-sufficiency.

Is that to much to ask?

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