Monday, September 5, 2011

It Takes An Amish Village

I got into a little conversation over the weekend about the Amish.

I have always thought they are getting away with something whereby they don't pay taxes, but benefit from government. But by morning I have come around 180 degrees. I think the Amish are getting a raw deal.

We are all of course.

The people with the best deal are in the Welfare estate. Best part about that deal? They don't even vote, others are taking care of that for them. Thus they are the ultimate parasites.

Before I wrote anything, I wanted to look into the Amish tax issue, I found this page: This site reveals they pay taxes. Most of the taxes you and I pay, just not the self-employed Amish into Social Security. Yet they also don't benefit from Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.

The Amish practice self sufficiency, and culturally take care of their own in time of sickness and need.

But how much taxes do the Welfare crowd pay? I betcha less than the Amish, and they do get the benefits of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

They mimic a community, but handouts are the economics underpinnings of the community, its more of a Ponzi Scheme.

In retrospect, the Amish are getting screwed. Just not as bad as me.

Which leads me right now to reflect on how our own minds are our own worst enemies, how the only thing holding us back, is ourselves.

The Amish, or myself, or anyone not on welfare, is not genetically different from the crowds who make a living off the government doles. Its a mindset that is preventing self sufficiency among many Americans.

That's bad enough. What worse is how those who speak up against, or run for office opposed to further funding this lethargy are demonized by the champions of this system.

As though the notion of cutting welfare is crossing the line that separates civilized society from the brutal regimes of our darkest past.

If the Amish can make the stand they do by not accepting government dole at all in their lives, while indeed paying a slew of taxes, I think we can put quite a bit more pressure on the lives of those paying much less but taking much more.

We are the champions of work and self-sufficiency, and that is nothing to be diminished. Work is not a blight, idle hands are the miscreants. If we are all working that is progress, if more and more are not working, that is deggression.

Hillary Clinton wrote It Takes a Villageand many a struggling community and liberal laud the idea.

A village I'll acknowledge, but the governmnent I'll refute.

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