Thursday, September 1, 2011


From the The Audacity of Hopeto the stirring of anger.

Another reason why I don't think a defeat of Barack Obama in November of next year is a certainty.

His base isn't going to leave him, in the end, they won't be allowed, and it all starts with anger.

He who angers you controls you. This video will anger a conservative, though it will anger its intended audience even more, and they will become protective, and they will vote the right way.

This works both ways. Conservative radio hosts will anger the listener just as well, and for the same ends.

That is what makes it difficult to change peoples minds, and of course they got to change minds from within themselves, anger is going to resist change. It will blind.

It doesn't matter what the topic, choose a general topic important to a general audience. Its a fact that the larger the audience, the simpler the successful message. Plus you gamble big, you win big.

Obama is going to ride the blame bush/racist/reconciler of radical GOP/... messages all the way to the finals next year, and I think its going to be a nail biter.

So how do we switch his base?

Not with anger that's for sure. We can't attack Obama relentlessly, a person not on our side obviously likes something about Obama, we got to respect that. That's the first step of over coming their anger enraged by the liberal sirens.

Just a crack, that's the beginning of it all.

I agree we shouldn't attack Obama on his race, but do we already forget how scornfully Bush was attacked. Each and every day. Even for things he had no way of controlling. I'm just wondering has the criticism of Barrack gone that far yet?

Lets be fair in our time.

I don't think it has.

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