Wednesday, February 21, 2018

With Marco

Marco Rubio's tweet is a close facsimile of what I begin to think, as it is covered in this story.

But I also think that the sting of any rebuke is the truth, and judging from the meme's I'm seeing today attacking, or besmirching, this kid I have to conclude he is speaking truth(to power).

I'm not finished. 

I'm enjoying this Trump Presidency as much as I reasonably can, and although its no secret that I think its a ridiculous spot this country finds itself in,  Hillary Clinton was not anyone I'd support it is what it is to me.

Trump should be scrutinized, and I've done that with every President, so I'm not going to stop now.  I've changed opinions on men I've voted for, and on men I haven't.  I'm not much of a party stalwart.

That being said,  most times as I follow events as they unfold and I stay informed,   I'm more impressed with the scrutiny applied to Trump's proverbial opponents than I have ever been with the scrutiny applied to Trump himself.

If only....

But what's done is done, and it should be cathartic, Trump's presidency, in the end for anyone really angry at the liberals!  Those who support him,  I hope it turns out for the best!

As an aside, my thoughts on gun control.   I've always been a 2nd amendment proponent.   I'm no zealot though,  I think its fanciful to think that any of us is going to stop an intrusive government with our firearms.  That's not realistic anymore,  but this freedom, like all freedoms,  is something I'm not eager to limit.   One never knows what the future holds.

However,  when the next election rolls around, I'm not going to be at all concerned about who is pro gun or not,  I know what I'm going to do will be based on a lot of issues, and the value of the 2nd amendment will not be high on the list, that freedom be damned.  Or not --  it will depend on who gets elected by all of us, not just me, and that may be where putting a man like Trump in power can come back to haunt some.

The cost of doing business with Trump may be more expensive than gun toting zealots may realize, if Democrats ride a wave in November.   History is already on their side, and frankly,  Trump is never going to make a lot of people happy, his punitive ways are just some of the reasons.  I've looked into his past, and that past is actually worse than his tweets.  But don't believe me, take some of the efforts put into defending him, into scrutinizing him.

Anyways,  that's where  I'm at, after the Parkland School shooting and Presidents Trump tenure up til now.

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