Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Grading Trump

My Grading Trump

Incredibly 2 people from not so slight a difference from one another asked me my opinion on politics. I guess they didn't get the memo, but in any event I provided my opinion, and withheld none of my delight in this Administration.

The first question, innocently enough, asked me what I thought about what was going in the world. I mean, I heard that and thought damn, that's quite a platform to work off of...the world! So I asked for clarity, exactly where in the world are we talking about? D.C., I was told.

Simple enough, cut to the chase. So I did, I said this is exactly what we should of expected with Donald Trump as President. In my oft repeated preamble, I went on to explain that one of my first books, and first heroes was none other than Trump. But as I passed on from adolescence into adulthood, I quickly came to realize Donald is actually not someone I want to champion.

That was 25 years ago, and since then he hasn't done much to change my mind, look it up, and tell me what I should esteem. Put it in lasting and self evident terms about the character of a man, and a behavior that should be replicated by everyone.

But I digress.

The second question, much later in the day, slowly and deliberately asked me to grade the President. The question was asked innocently enough as well, the man is not on Facebook, and we are relatively new acquaintances, he had little clue as to my passions.

I answered, Trump hasn't failed, but he hasn't done anything great either. C-.

Look it, if we are taking a chance on a veritable rookie in public policy, and a tax cut for himself and his buddies that doesn't pay for itself is the most tangible proof of accomplishment, we got problems.

Reducing regulations we, presumably from their campaign rhetoric, would of gotten from any GOP administration.

Ditto for renewed pressure on immigration, North Korea, China, etc. etc.

The devils is in the details of course, and what is exactly being done on the more complex issues isn't exactly good judgment, but that's my opinion and you're free to disagree.
That being said, its should be clear I don't disagree 100% with Trump. But I'm not here to burnish his laurels with my esteem. Not unlike Metallica's hate, I'll keep it for myself.

This year is pivotal, of course a cliche but an apt cliche nonetheless. The budget is a huge thorn right off the bat this month, and we are being promised literal concrete with an infrastructure bill.

I hope for the best, but it's been empirically proven, Trump is going to over promise and under deliver. In some circles, a pattern of behavior like that is obvious, and its not viewed so innocently.

Not only it is what it is, but it was easily discernible from his life's behavior.

A C- because also as a leader, and not just as an achiever, he has under performed. He is leading down from the standards we should be expecting not only of a leader, but of common people. You can't convince me attacking people on twitter who disagree with me is the right life advice.

I should down grade him from a C- based on many of his "uncharitable" habits, but I'm setting an example and hoping he lives up to my expectations. Which, expectations, I've down graded from a year ago.

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