Friday, August 2, 2013

Zealot ?

This is great!
A couple of observation, but first I didn't see the interview, didn't read the interview, didn't get caught up with the interview, and I know nothing about the book.
But. 1.) I got a post from the conservative sites I track scrutinizing his credentials, and those points read well. He's not that which he claims to be? I dunno, just parroting.
2.) I got posts from the liberal sites and liberal friends that on "Faux" news he tore a new a-hole into the interviewer. OK, just parroting.
Now this new new scrutiny of his Twitter activity.
How come liberals are quick to the potty mouth, all the while quick also to condemn a conservative for that very activity.
Its too blatant and obvious so often. Time and again, liberals want to be portrayed as the intelligent among us. Ridiculing conservatives even for making up their own science. But in the end, there are good and intelligent liberals and there are fools and worse among them. Just as there are those among conservatives.
One other observation of mine, and maybe just mine alone, and that is when conservatives do a wrong, they are self-cleansing. The perp usually gets marginalize by everyone, even his 'own'. Not always but often enough.
When a liberal does a wrong, too often there isn't a self-cleansing. In fact, the opposite usually occurs -- a rallying behind the perp.
Scholar Reza Aslan, just the latest example.
Its enough to continue to remind me that in the war between the political views in America, liberals aren't all they are wanting us to believe they are, including being the side of civility.

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