Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Take It All!

July 13, 2013

I had a conversation the other day with a neighbor.  A young(er) neighbor who had been a solid.  Now I'm starting to worry.

Stop me if you've heard this rant before, but bear with me, I may have something novel to put forth.

One of my favorite books, because it made me think the most appreciatively, is undoubtedly Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.  If you ever read it you'll know where I'm coming from,  if you haven't read it, I highly recommend it.  If you find my writing  disagreeable, read it.  You may still disagree, but I guarantee you'll think about things a good deal differently.

My conversation with C.  is probably worth retelling if for no other reason than my approach to presenting a differing view of his.  My friend was advocating wealth redistribution.  Full blown, rob the rich, give to the poor, they have more than they ever need,  its an immoral imbalance, wealth readjustment.  Seemingly its the fashionable thing to advocate now a days.

Everyone is doing it, so it must be good.  Oh, and by the way, when I say everyone is doing it.  Everyone is.  No one is unmoved by this mentality.  From the very rich to the very poor.

Voluntary or not.  I'll support that contention later.

I allowed C. to speak uninterrupted for long moments.  I interrupted at one point, it was obvious, asking how much he payed for the Washington Redskin branded mini football.

About twenty bucks he said.  O.K.  I answered.  He didn't get my point.  Of course high paid athletes were a target of his envy,  yet never once did he consider how much of his wealth he has distributed freely in the opposite direction of his prescription for what ails America.  But I withhold final judgement,  maybe he bought all his memorabilia before his socialist change of heart.

Trust me,  if he hasn't, and he broaches the subject again,  I'll feel compelled to point it out.  Hey, I can't have friends running around unprincipled.   Get rid of those brand name and star sponsored wares!

Right?  I mean if you are following the Kardashian's or Honey Boo Boo AND you complain about the wealth of stars, athletes,  or any otherwise blessed person of wealth,  then my friend, you and I ought to have a private conversation too.   Not to judge you,  but to cleanse you.   You think Che Guevara had a man cave?  Okay, he probably did,  except it had guns and books.

Not football and basketball trinkets.  He's fashionable today too.  For all the same reasons.

So back to my story, C.  had his say.  Feeling there was a certain thresh hold of wealth, and anything over that was unnecessary he saw it was right and just to take it.   Frankly,  instead of embellishing the story, I must point out he was sorely lacking on the practical aspects of his sentiments.  I never did get out of him who would take the wealth, other than it would be taken;  who would get the money, other than the poor;  or even how much money the emasculated tycoon would have left, which I think was a fair set of questions to ask.

I rebutted playing the role of Bill Gates, and why not,  he was once the wealthiest on the planet, he'd be one of the most affected, and I thought it would be neat to be in his shoes.

I asked C., "What gives you the right to take my money?"

I had too much. . . .

"If you take my wealth today, what do I do tomorrow?"

I go back to work, like nothing has happened!

"Why would I do that?"

Because that is what I do,  I work.

(hold the smirk)

"Why don't I just run my company and wealth into the ground before you take it?"

umm,  ahh.

"C.  do you realize how many millionaires, billionaires, and otherwise well paid people I've created?"


"C.  Do you know that I'm giving away all my billions to help the people of the entire planet?  I intend to give it all away,  saving a modest some for my children,  before I die? "


"C.  Do you know that Andrew Carnegie,  nearly a hundred years ago, formulated this philosophy of  philanthrophy and put it in a book, The Gospel of Wealth Essays and Other Writings (Penguin Classics), and many of the super wealthy have done just that over the years?  Or do you understand that there is a huge movement afoot, led by me and Warren Buffett to conspire and inspire the super wealthy of today to do just the same thing?  Give it all away before they die?"


"So I should stop giving my money away, and instead allow who to take it?  The Government?"

"Why wouldn't I just leave the country before this plan of taking my money is ever put in place?"

Enough of the dialog.  But believe me,  it was real.  I really don't have to point that out do I,  that it was a real conversation.  'Cause we all know someone like this.  Someone bent on wealth redistribution.

I advocate listening to them.  Its quite breath taking.  I had a long role play with my friend.  Perhaps its worthy of a play.   We'll see,  I can ask for money from one of those new crowd sourcing sights I read about.

In the end,  I'm left thinking,  maybe more than those advocating wealth redistribution,  if I were Bill Gates they would take my wealth away and then expect me to go to work tomorrow.?

What then are they going to do with my wealth tomorrow?

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